Giuliano Family

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Forcella (NA) camorra family Giuliano
Luigi Giuliano had as sons Salvatore Giuliano (his son is Ciro Giuliano whose brother in law is Carmine Attanasio), Guglielmo Giuliano and Vittorio “Pio” Giuliano who is married with Grazia Iazzetti.

Luigi Giuliano’s son Vittorio “pio” Giuliano
Vittorio “pio” Giuliano and Grazia Iazzetti’s sons are pentito Guglielmo “o Stuort” Giuliano (he was arrested 2 january 1999 and his wife is Rita Saltalamacchia and their son is Nunzio Giuliano) , Nunzio Giulano, ??pentito?? Raffaele “o zui” Giuliano, ??pentito?? Carmine “o Lione” Giuliano (arrested 1 january 1999 and married with Amalia Stolder, her brothers are Salvatore Stolder and Raffaele Stolder, the last his wife is Patrizia Ferriero) and Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano (arrested in 2002? married with Carmela Marzano and their son is Giovanni Giuliano and their daughters are Gemma Giuliano and Marianna Giuliano, the last married Michele Mazzarella) and their sisters Anna Giuliano (married with Luigi D’Avino), Silvana Giuliano, Patrizia Giuliano and Erminia “Celeste” Giuliano (arrested 23 december 2000 and her ex man Giuseppe “Capa Vacante” Roberti and their daughter is gemma Roberti who married Diego Vastarella). Erminia Giuliano’s son in law Fabio Riso

Amalia stolder died 29 march 2011 and was widow of Carmine Giuliano (who died at age 51 and is the brother of Luigi Giuliano)

Erminia Giuliano’s son in law Fabio Riso
Fabio Riso is an important man in the clan of the brothers Giuliano of Forcella because he is Erminia Giuliano’s son in law. Fabio Riso was 28 october 1999 arrested in Montenegro with Vastarella. Fabio Riso would have run for the Giuliano family the borough Maddaloni.

Carmela Marzano’s sister Flora Marzano married Luigi Ponticelli
Forcella camorra family Giuliano
Giuseppe Giuliano (1998)
Salvatore “o Montone” Giuliano (27 november 2000) rimane illeso ad un agguato il 27.03.04

Luigi Ardiano bought for his boss Luigi Giuliano then bar Ballantines and King Frankfurter in via Carducci (Carducci street)

Nunzio Giuliano’s son Vittorio Giuliano overdoses
Nunzio Giuliano "defected" from the Mafia after his son, Vittorio, died of a drugs overdose 11 december 1987. His attacks on organised crime encouraged his brother, Luigi, the clan's charismatic boss, to turn supergrass. In all, three of Nunzio's brothers have joined the state's witness programme.

Amsterdam based SCU man Santo Arnesano
Early 80ties settled Santo Arnesano (a member of the SCU) in Amsterdam but went regularly to Belgium. He was arrested in Belgium because south amreican drugcouriers contacted him after they had arrived at Zaventem airport. In 1984 he escaped with violence from prison and again settled in Amsterdam. spanish borough La Maddalena boss Stolder`s man Francesco Antinolfi (Adinolfi??) had contacts with Arnesano.

Amsterdam based Yugoslav Branco Abdul Halik
4 March 1988 starts at Aruba Viking Oil Holding with as its only owner the yugo Branco Abdul Halik, who delivers drugs for the camorra boss Raffaele Stolder. Halik lives in Amsterdam where he owns a hotel annex exchange office at the Herengracht and an exchange office at Thobeckeplein via the holding on Aruba. He helped to smuggle cocaine from South America via Amsterdam to Napels. Stolder works for the Contini clan.

M Popovic shot and killed
26 may 1988 was M Popovic shot and killed in a cafe.

Amsterdam West's Mercatorbuurt heroinmarket ????
Beginning 1990 was in Amsterdam the Camorraboss Filippo Abate arrested, he is the boss of San Giorgio a Cremano. At the same time was in Italy the Turkish boss Jilmaz Ahmed arrested, he is one of the big turkish bosses in Amsterdam and worked with Abate in the drugtrade.

Rome's borough Magliana gang activities in Amsterdam and Utrecht
Beginning 1990 was Arnesano again arrested after there was found near the Belgium Netherlands border cocaine hidden in flowers. Police investigation found out that Arnesano was the organizer of a drug line between Aalsmeer and Rome and that he send almost weekly 100 kgs of coke to Rome. With him was arrested Enzo Bastianelli who is the owner of a pizzeria in Utrecht that belonged to a chain of 4 pizzerias in Utrecht owned by Tommaso D`Amico a member of the Magliana group.

Turkish drugs and weapondealer and Grey wolves member Mahmut Ercan Inangirray killed in Holland
30 April 1990 was in Doorn the body found of Mahmut Ercan Inangirray a Turkish drugs and weapondealer and a member of the Grey wolves. He had just in Amsterdam made a drugdeal with Rocco and Pasquale Multari, who work for D`Amico. In the Turkish his address book stood the names of the Magliana members Vittorio Carnevale, Antonio D`Inzillo and Marcello Colafigli, the last was at that moment the leader of the Magliana murdersquad.

Amsterdam based Yugoslav Branco Abdul Halik killed
Halik had gotten half a million guilders from the Stolder clan for a drugs transport, the money disappeared and Halik is visited 6 june 1990 by 4 camorra members in pizzeria Gemini at Thorbeckeplein and Raimondo Cipullo shoots him dead there at the orders of Lorenzo R. Halik was replaced by the from Munchen coming german Rudy Stempf.

spanish borough La Maddalena boss Stolder
In july 1991 were 4 Yugoslavians arrested in Germany because they wanted to kidnap dutch former Wastora tycoon Klaas Molenaar, the order they had gotten from Rudy Stempf. who himself takes his orders from the Stolder clan, the Stolder clan then put a price at the head of Rudy Stempf.

Amsterdam based Stolder camorra groep
27 September 1991 the body of the killed german Rudy Stempf was found in an Amsterdam canal, he was killed by Lorenzo R. The address of Rudy's boathouse in Amsterdam is also the dutch address of Viking Oil Holding.

A month after the murder of Rudy Stempf was 6 october 1991 in Amsterdam North also the Yugoslav Osren Didovic (28) shot dead, that was a mistake because the killers wanted to kill an other Yugoslav, a contact of Rudy Stempf. In october 1991 was spanish borough La Maddalena boss Stolder`s man Francesco Antinolfi (Adinolfi?) in Amsterdam arrested with 23 kilos of coke in his car which he had taken and driven from Bruxelles where his girlfriend Brigitte van Dam lives, the dutch police found in his home 69 handguns.

Camorrafamily Giuliano
In 1990 marries Luigi Giuliano’s daughter Gemma and one of the guests is soccerplayer Diego Maradona.

Casalesi boss Italo Iovine and soccerplayer Diego Maradona
6 Januari 1991 police tape a conversation by phone between brothelkeepster Carmela Cinquegrana and cokedealer Giovanni Esposito who is in company of Italo Iovine (son of the boss Mario Iovine) and soccerstar Diego Maradona (already had turned up a picture of Maradona with boss Carmine Giuliano).

soccerplayer Diego Maradona arrested
At the end of februari 1991 soccerstar Maradona get arrested while under the influence of coke and it leaks to the press.

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
Sisters Teresa Deviato (she was married with Via dei Tribunali camorrraboss Antonio “Tonino” Capuano who worked for Giuliano and was killed in 1991) and Anna Deviato (who had been married with Patrizio Silvestri but he got a life sentence when he killed Ernesto Raffa the new friend of Anna Deviato) and her son is Fabio Silvestri.

19 march 1989 was Domenico Silvestri killed

Via dei Tribunali camorraboss Antonio “Tonino” Capuano killed by Giuliano family
5 Januari 1991 Giuliano`s cassier Antonio “Tonino” Capuano (36) gets shot to death by Raffaele Giuliano, his bodyguard Giuseppe Mele (37) gets wounded at the order of the Giuliano family. He was the boss of Via dei Tribunali and his wife is Teresa Deviato.

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
In 1992 Capuano’s wife Teresa Deviato get arrested.

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
11 march 1995 Fabio Silvestri (17) killed Ciro Taglialatela (36) the brother in law of Giuseppe Tolomelli from Sanita, Fabio was a year later arrested. The order had come from the Deviato family

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
Anna Deviato escaped from death when 12 september 1995 her husband Patrizio Silvestri stormed into a restaurant in Salerno and killed her new friend Ernesto Raffa with whom she was dining and she was wounded with her sister Teresa Deviato. Patrizio Silvestri was 2 days later arrested and got a life sentence in july 1996.

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
7 march 1996 Anna Deviato was wounded when someone shot her. Her son Fabio Silvestri is a suspect, because police think he revenged this way that his mother divorced his father.

Via dei Tribunali camorra family Deviato
4 August 2005 were Anna Deviato (45) and her son Fabio Silvestri (26) killed. Anna Deviato was the sister of Teresa, the wife of the in 1991 killed boss Antonio Capuano. Fabio Silvestri was on leave from prison.

spanish borough La Maddalena boss Raffaele Stolder arrested
13 November 1991 was in Napoli the camorraboss Raffaele Stolder arrested.

spanish borough La Maddalena boss Stolder (Contini clan)
4 March 1992 Salvatore Esposito (who works for stolder) murders their enemy Vito Lamonaco and his bodyguard. He gets a false alibi from agent Enzo Ranieri. Agent Vincenzo Tramontano also works as bodyguard for Carmine Vecchione a trustee of Stolder, he was there when Vecchione got killed. Also agent Rocco Santoro works for Stolder who rules the spanish borough La Maddalena.

Salvatore Giuliano arrested
17 May 1992 Salvatore Giuliano (38) a brother of the boss get arrested.

Giuliano lawyer Aniello Arcella killed
17 December 1996 the well known lawyer Aniello Anjo Arcella (50) get liquidated, he had defended the boss Luigi Giuliano.

Giuliano pentito Massimo Ecora suicide
Massimo Ecora (34) and his wife Maria Grandelli committed suicide 6 may 1998. Massimo Ecora was a pentito from the Giuliano clan.

Carmine Giuliano arrested
1 january 1999 was Carmine Giuliano arrested.

Guglielmo Giuliano arrested
2 january 1999 was Guglielmo Giuliano arrested.

17 August 1999 was Giuseppe Del Prete (22) arrested he was the main killer for the Giuliano clan.

Fabio Riso is an important man in the clan of the brothers Giuliano of Forcella because he is Erminia Giuliano’s son in law. Fabio Riso was 28 october 1999 arrested in Montenegro with Vastarella. Fabio Riso would have run for the Giuliano family the borough Maddaloni.

23 March 2000 Giuseppe Esposito (45), a capo for Giuliano, and Salvatore La Sala (39) arrested in germany.

Erminia Giuliano arrested
Erminia Giuliano herself became a boss only after the last of her five brothers was put behind bars. Erminia Giuliano was arrested in December 2000.

Giuliano man Bruno Palombo arrested
2 June 2001 was Bruno Palombo from the Giuliano clan of Forcella arrested.

Carmine Giuliano dies
2 July 2004 Carmine 'o lione' Giuliano (52) dies in a hospital.

Vincenzo Mazzarella orders murder of boss Edoardo Bove
7 January 2005 was in the city's historic Spanish quarter, the Camorra clan boss Edoardo Bove murdered in his fortified home. The shooting of Bove, 28, was the fifth gangland killing in Naples in five days. Bove was killed by a hitman who talked his way past relatives to gain access to his living room, where he shot him in the head three times with a pistol. Police said Bove was murdered for disloyalty to the titular Camorra boss in Forcella, Vincenzo Mazzarella, who was arrested by Italian and French police last month at a hideout near Disneyland Paris. Meanwhile, police were trying to reach Bove's lover, Anna "a pallona" (the ball) Giuliano, a legendary figure in Camorra circles. The sister of the former "King of Forcella", Luigi Giuliano, she had been living with Bove, who became the third of her companions to be shot.

Former camorista Nunzio Giuliano killed
23 march 2005 was former camorista Nunzio Giuliano (57) shot in the back and killed as he and his female companion rode a scooter on a Naples street. His girlfriend was unharmed.

Nola camorra family Alfieri

Cosa nostra members from the camorra
Enrico Maisto
Giuseppe Sciorio
Michele Zaza
Michele D’Alessandro capodecina della famiglia di Zaza ora ha la sua famiglia a Castellamare
Mario Fabbrocino
Pasquale Russo

Napels based Inzerillo Bontate allies camorrabosses Zaza and Alfieri
Inzerillo and Bontate supporters the camorrabosses Zaza and Alfieri.

Nola camorra family Alfieri
Antonio Alfieri (killed in 1950 and his son Salvatore Alfieri avenged his murder in 1953 when he killed Tore Notaio) and his sons Carmine Alfieri (his son Antonio Alfieri was killed 21 september 2002), Salvatore Alfieri (he was killed in may 1982 by Cutolo’s NCO and his son Rosario Alfieri was killed 22 February 1996) and his wife Rosa La Marca (her sister Michelina La Marca is the wife of Antonio Perillo who was killed in 1995 or 1996), Michele Alfieri (his son Gennaro Alfieri was killed 19 october 2001) and Francesco Alfieri (killed in december 2004)

Alfieri men:
Antonio Nunziata, Salvatore Russo,

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri eliminated three of his close lieutenants : Antonio Malventi, Mugnano boss Giuseppe Ruocco (killed in 2001 and his brother in law is Elia Nunziata???) and Domenico Sarmento (Sarnino??) who had become too independend. Camine Alfieri and underboss Pasquale Galasso ordered the murders of Cutolo supporters the brothers Abagnale, and Luigi and aniello Rosanova (the sons of the killed boss Alfonso Rosanova). And the murders of their own men the 3 brothers Pizza, Antonio Malventi, Giuseppe Ruocco (killed in 2001) and Domenico Sarminto and the attacks at Cutolo supporters Casoria boss Pasquale Scotti and his man Mauro Marra.

Murder of the brothers Sebastiano Russo and Mario Felice Russo and disappearance of their brother Luigi Russo who work for Alfieri

Poggiomarino camorrafamily Galasso
Sabato Galasso (deceased) and his wife Anna Saviano had as sons pentito Pasquale Galasso and his wife Mirabile (her father in 1990 killed, Pasquale’s brother in law is Fortunato Marano killed in december 2001), Martino, Giuseppe and Ciro Galasso. Pasquale’s brother Nino Galasso killed in 1982

Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale (Alfieri supporter and pentito)
Alfieri supporter Giovanni Maiale and his son Giovanni Pesce

Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale (pentito and Alfieri man)
In february 1991 were in Eboli killed: Marcello Montagna, Salvatore Monti and Nicola Lano who work for the boss Mario Pepe and they were killed at the orders of Carmine Alfieri

Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale (pentito and Alfieri man)
Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale was arrested 27 may 1992

Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale (pentito) and operation Corda
Operation Corda was started in November 1994, in order to fight in particular the criminal group headed by Giovanni Maiale and his righthand Agostino Corrado. The investigations made it possible to solve twenty murder cases committed in the ‘80s in Nocera Inferiore and Eboli, and 14 warrants were issued.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
24 January 1987 camorista Franco Valdini gets murdered, he is owner of Hotel Belvedere in Ercolano. It was frequented by judge Armando Cono Lancuba who works for Alfieri as consiglieri, also magistrate Vito Masi was there frequently.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
20 October 1987 Salvatore Pizza kills Tommaso Sepe the father in law of his daughter Amalia Pizza Sepe, he gets 12 years. 27 September 1988 Alfieri had his men murder the brothers Carmine Pizza (30), Michele pizza (25) and Carlo Pizza (21) in their car. Their sister Amalia Pizza suspects Alfieri's man Raffaele Tufano.

Carmine Alfieri in waste business
Vincenzo Fiorillo, director of Rona, a toxic waste disposal firm founded in 1987 and operating in the south of Italy. Other shareholders, in addition to Vincenzo Fiorillo, include the commercial lawyer Rosario Gava, brother of Antonio Gava, the Christian Democrat senator who is under investigation by Naples magistrates for suspected collusion with the camorra (the Neapolitan mafia). Another is Giuseppe Giordano, a shareholder in AGD Costruzioni, a building firm controlled by Francesco Alfieri. The latter is the businessman cousin of camorra boss Carmine Alfieri. Rosario Gava also tried to organise the export of harmful substances. Together with Vincenzo Fiorillo he tried in February 1988 to buy the UK ship Acrux, which was fitted out for the transport of toxic waste. Fiorillo’s firm Rona agreed to pay L426m for the vessel, but subsequently withdrew from the deal, losing the L20m surety it had paid.

Torre Annunziata brothers Pasquale and Francesco Gallo, Vangone Limelli clan war Gionta
In april 1989 started the Gallo Vangone Limelli cosca helped by Carmine Alfieri to war the cosca of Valentino Gionta (36) in Torre Annunziata and a Nuvoletta supporter

Torre Annunziata family Gionta
4 November 1989 was Eduardo Di Ronza the brother in law of Valentino Gionta killed. For his murder got life the bosses Angelo Nuvoletta, Valentino Gionta and Luigi Baccante for ordering the murder Edoardo Di Ronza was suspected of being a police informer.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
6 November 1989 police listen to a telephone call of the boss Alfieri to a woman, he escapes thanks to commissioner Matteo Cinque who warns him.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
10 February 1990 Alfieri again escapes arrest thanks to commissioner Cinque when police tap a telephone call of his nephew Francesco and Marzio Sepe a trustee of Alfieri.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
25 June 1990 Alfieri`s underboss Giuseppe Olivieri (44) gets shot to death in a hospital, he was the boss of Salerno.
Pagani boss Giuseppe “Saccone” Oliveri was killed and the next boss became Bruno De Vivo

De Vivo- Fezza
Andrea De Vivo, Francesco Fezza and Tommaso Fezza

30 september 1990 was Antonio Sale killed

16 december 1990 was Gennaro Citarella killed

Nola: Alfieri
2 October 1990 police arrest in Naples Leonardo Tranchina (58) in whose truck they find a lot of weapons. The man was born in Partinico and lived in Germany, the weapons were for Carmine Alfieri.

Marano camorra boss Lorenzo Nuvoletta arrested
7 December 1990 Lorenzo Nuvoletta (59) gets arrested after which Alfieri is the most important boss and Lorenzo Nuvoletta dies in prison.

Nuova Famiglia cupola boss Alfieri
After Lorenzo Nuvoletta's arrest is Carmine Alfieri the most important boss with his La Nuova Famiglia. Judge Armando Cono Lancuba is the consiglieri of the boss Carmine Alfieri. Alfieri heads a Commission in which seat Pasquale Galasso (Poggiomarino), Angelo Moccia, Eduardo Contini (his underboss Riccardo Perucci), Gennaro Licciardi- Giuseppe Mallardo (underboss Luigi Esposito).

Nola camorra boss Alfieri orders murder of his man Fuorigrotta boss Antonio Malventi
14 November 1991 were Fuorigrotta boss Antonio Malventi and his chauffeur Giuseppe Cacace killed, he belongs to the cosca of Carmine Alfieri and owns the Parco dei Fiori where Malventi’s wife Rosa Romano lives. Judge Armando Cono Lancuba was there on vacation and befriends them.

Poggiomarino camorra boss Pasquale Galasso arrested
In 1991 was Poggiomarino camorra boss Pasquale Galasso arrested.

Poggiomarino camorra boss Pasquale Galasso becomes pentito
in september 1992 became Poggiomarino camorra boss Pasquale Galasso a pentito.

Camorra Cupola leader Carmine Alfieri arrested
11 September 1992 Carmine Alfieri and Angelo Visciano (44) get arrested.

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri
boss Carmine Alfieri sentenced to life in 1992

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
11 Januari 1993 Felice Romano (28) get shot to death in the hospital after being wounded by an earlier attack, he worked for Alfieri.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri’s acting boss Franco Ambrosio arrested
23 March 1993 Franco Ambrosio (37) get arrested, he looked after Alfieri's business.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
11 May 1993 were 35 men arrested who work for Alfieri and Zaza under whom Antonio Sarnatoro and Generoso Del Gaizo.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
29 October 1993 Alfieri`s capos Fiore (37) and Luigi D`Avino (34) get arrested.

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri becomes pentito
At the end of february 1994 Carmine Alfieri becomes pentito. also his underboss Galasso became pentito

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri pentito
7 april 1994 was Maria Grazia Cuomo killed she was the fiancée of Francesco Alfieri.

12 June 1994 Pasquale Loreto the killer of Alfieri and Galasso get arrested.

Clan Francesco Matrone “a Belva” (born 15 july 1947)- Pasquale Loreto
Francesco Matrone “a Belva” accused of murder of Salvatore Squillante 23 march 1980 who was responsible for the death of Alfonso Loreto the father of Pasquale Loreto

Poggiomarino camorra boss and pentito Pasquale Galasso
In december 1994 Pasquale Galasso testifies that Ugo Dinacci (former high court judge and working for Corrado Carnevale, now chief of inspectors of the ministery of justice who work against the anti corruption judges in Milan and the anti mafia judges in Palermo), had freed members of the Galasso clan. Minister of justice Biondi’s vice cabinetchief Vincenzo Vitale warned suspect Piero Di Miceli that police listened to his phone.

Alfieri clan acting boss Gennaro Brasiello
Alfieri clan acting boss Gennaro Brasiello (36) was arrested 17 march 1995. He was sought for the murders of the brothers Luigi and aniello Rosanova (the sons of the killed boss Alfonso Rosanova) in Sant Antonio Abate.

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri pentito
13 December 1995 Alfieri's family member Antonio Perillo (52) get killed.

Nola camorra boss Carmine Alfieri pentito
22 February 1996 was Rosario Alfieri (23) killed, he is a nephew of Carmine Alfieri.

Nola: Alfieri
25 June 1996 commissioner Santaniello get arrested because he warned Alfieri that his phone call with Russo was tapped and Alfieri just escaped.

Alfieri acting boss Marzio Sepe
6 September 1996 Marzio Sepe got arrested, he succeeded Alfieri as the big boss.

Nola: Alfieri
23 September 1996 in Nola the lawyer Gennaro Bifulco (46) get arrested, he is the former CD mayor of Ottaviano and is an important boss of Alfieri and with him he ordered the murder of Ciro Nuvoletta the brother of Lorenzo.

Camorraboss Giuseppe Autorino
the boss Giuseppe Autorino had escaped in july 1998 from prison with Ferdinando Cesarano (Alfieri man and his brother is Gaetano Cesarano). 20 march 1999 was the boss Giuseppe Autorino shot dead by police. In may 2000 was Ferdinando Cesarano again arrested. In june 2000 police arrest Autorino's men Francesco Franzese, Arduino Siniscalchi, Angelo Perna and Gennaro Nappi.

Ferdinando Cesarano acting boss Vincenzo D’Apice
16 may 1999 was Vincenzo D’Apice (36) arrested

Alfieri man Vincenzo Amato arrested
25 July 1999 was Vincenzo Amato arrested he had worked for Alfieri.

Nola camorra boss Alfieri
In 2000 were shot fired at the home of Francesco Alfieri the brother of Carmine Alfieri.

Poggiomarino camorra boss Pasquale Galasso
29 December 2001 was in Poggiomarino (Na) the criminal Fortunato Marano killed, he was the brother in law of camorra boss and pentito Pasquale Galasso.

Carmine Alfieri’s son Antonio Alfieri killed
Antonio Alfieri (22), son of Carmine, was killed 21 september 2002.

Carmine Alfieri’s brother Francesco Alfieri killed
10 December 2004 was Francesco Alfieri, 54, brother of turncoat boss Carmine Alfieri sentenced to life in 1992, murdered in Piazzolla di Nola village; the shooters shot him several times while he’s driving his car, escaped on motorcycle.

Pentito Pasquale Galasso killed
18 December 2004 was killed Pasquale Galasso (50).

Pentito Pasquale Galasso
9 September 2005 was pentito Pasquale Galasso’s nephew Antonio Galasso (54) killed. He had gotten 20 years for the triple murder in 1991 of Francesco Capozzoli, Nicola Franza and Giuseppe Granata. He is the brother of Ciro Galasso who also was convicted for the triple murder but also for the murder of Salvatore Montoro on 12 january 1993.

Francesco Alfieri’s son in law Vincenzo Giugliano killed
18 December 2007 was Carmine Alfieri’s brother Francesco Alfieri’s son in law Vincenzo Giugliano (44) killed (his wife is Fiomena Alfieri)

Casoria (NA)
Pasquale Scotti and his man Mauro Marra

Vincenzo Pagano and brother Cesare Pagano (Casoria boss)- Ernesto Ferone (Casavatore boss) and his brother in law Domenico Caiazzo

Reale clan from San Giovanni a Teduccio. Reale’s sister in law Assunta Vicchiariello (her brother Ciro Vicchiariello)
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