Gangsters Inc. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Gangsters Inc. greatly values a straight line of communication with those interested in our work, and for this reason maintains a membership database containing personal data of members consisting of the members’ (nick)names, email addresses, and IP addresses. Membership enables members to comment on our publications and enables Gangsters Inc. to send out information about new publications. Members can delete this information by deleting their membership. They can do so by contacting us via email at requesting deletion of their membership/account.

Gangsters Inc. is obliged to:

  • Present the member with his/her personal data that Gangsters Inc. stores upon request
  • Correct stored data that is faulty upon request
  • Remove stored data upon request
  • The member has the right to object to his/her personal data being used for direct marketing, such as book/film promotions

How information is gathered

  • Members’ personal data is gathered by the member signing up for a membership and giving explicit consent to Gangsters Inc. to use his/her email address to send updates about new publications.
  • Members are free to post comments on Gangsters Inc. in response to articles.
  • The information is erased when the member cancels his/her membership at Gangsters Inc.


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