Gangsters Inc. interviews: From Mafia bosses to FBI agents and actors to authors

When it comes to organized crime, Gangsters Inc. prefers to get its information straight from the main source. Interviewing gangsters, Mafiosi, cops, FBI agents, journalists, and writers is the way to get to the bottom of the seedy underworld. Especially one on one.

Here are a few of our interviews:

Coked Up Europe: Increase in cocaine traffic, more players & violence, ‘Ndrangheta remains key

Gang Rules: Growing up inside the LA gang life

An interview with Rédoine Faïd – France’s jailbreak king

Fitness Behind Bars: Gangsters tell how they train their bodies and minds in prison

“The story of organized crime is the story of the modern world” – Journalists explore global crime in Underworld podcast

“I was the boogeyman” - Former enforcer of the Detroit Mafia shares old war stories on his podcast

Realism is key in Bronx-based “Albanian Gangster” as it depicts “war-torn psyche fused with honor code”

Pinky rings and murder: Brooklyn gangland of the ‘80s comes to life in new Mafia series Gravesend

The 18 Gangster museum in South Africa run by ex-convicts tells cautionary tales of life of crime and violence

“Alleged” street guys bring Irish mob crew The Westies back to life in upcoming tv series The Flannagans

California Crip went from selling drugs to funding his own career as an author

Fuggedaboutit! Former mobster, pro MMA fighter and writer-director are becoming YouTube sensation

Elusive drug boss Frank Matthews to hit the big screen: From narco billionaire at 28 to mysterious phantom

Sex Money Murder: The violent rise and fall of deadly Bronx gang ingrained in New York underworld’s history

“We were elite and acted like it.” Former Hells Angels boss George Christie sits down with Gangsters Inc.

The Italian Mafia, Irish gangs, Chinese Tongs, bootleggers, gamblers, thieves and killers: Welcome to Gangland Boston

Mafia author shares dark stories behind Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey

“Mob Artist” Michael Bell about fighting the system, painting portrait of John Gotti

Chicago’s Prohibition-era gangland laid bare by mob historian John Binder in new book

The two sides of mob boss Joe Colombo and how his murder remains unsolved for over 40 years

The life of a US Marshal: Hunting fugitive mobsters andstaying one step ahead of cunning gangsters

Prison Breaks: From mobsters to drug lords, the men who escaped from prison

TJ English talks about his new Cuban Mafia project The Corporation

Adapt and Overcome: US Marshal Mike Pizzi shares life lessons

Mafia Math: Calculating Italian organized crime’s illicit income

The deadly, bizarre & morbid: Murder Inc.

Basta! How Sicily's Anti-mafia movement fights Cosa Nostra

Supreme Team comic hits stores like crack cocaine in 1980s

Gotti Jr. stands tall, warns people behind smear campaign

Take a tour through mob boss Al Capone’s 'playground'

Life of Mafia boss Lucky Luciano paints gritty comic book, Gangsters Inc. talked to creators

My loving dad was a gangster and Bugsy Siegel’s close friend

Gangsters Inc. sits down with John Gotti Junior

Gangsters Inc. sits down with FBI agent Jack Garcia

Interview with author Carl Russo, author of the Sicilian Mafia Travel Guide

How Bonanno goodfellas whacked Lufthansa heist loot

Interview with Tampa Mafia expert Scott Deitche

With Broome Street Boys director brings back gritty mob flick

Interview with convicted LSD kingpin turned author Seth Ferranti

Deal with the Devil - Q&A with author Peter Lance

Interview with Sandra Harmon, author of Mafia Son: The Scarpa Mob Family, the FBI, and a story of betrayal

Interview with the men behind Crime Beat Radio

Gangsters Inc. sits down with makers of Drug Lord docu

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