Gangland Hits Caught On Video

9236996868?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

“Big Brother is watching you,” George Orwell wrote in his famous novel 1984. And with all the security cameras, webcams, and cellular phones with video and photo cameras that indeed seems to be the case. Media around the world are showing us images and video of any incident that occurred, be it a terrorist attack or robbery, viewers at home have a front row seat to the mayhem.

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No wonder then that more and more gangland violence is caught on camera. On Monday, Carl Lastorino, the son of a Lucchese Crime Family captain, woke up and decided he had enough of his life. “I can no longer live as a failure,” he wrote in a letter to his family. He then told his mother he had a job to do and wasn’t coming back, according to NYPD’s spokesman who was interviewed by the New York Daily News. Lastorino left his home and went to a tire shop in East New York owned by Peter Argentina, a man with alleged mob links.

What followed was all caught on security cameras (see video below). Lastorino walks up to Argentina and fires from close range. Argentina manages to flee and is followed by the wannabe hitman as he fires more shots at his target. He then leaves the scene, getting into a cab and driving off.

New York police catch up to Lastorino though. When he gets out of the cab he is holding his gun. “The cops yelled for him to drop it, Browne said, but he aimed it at them and yelled, ‘You're not going to take me alive! You are going to have to shoot me!’ Each officer fired a single round from about 20 feet away, and both struck his chest,” the New York Daily News reported. Lastorino did not survive. And he had not intended to survive when he left his home on this weird mission which police do not believe was a gangland hit.

In Italy, there already have been several incidents involving the mafia that were caught on tape. On October 29, 2009, Italian police released a video of a Camorra hit in Naples. (See video below.) It shows the murder of Mariano Bacioterracino, 53, which was said to be part of a feud between rival gangs over the control of a lucrative drug trafficking network. The video shows the assassin calmly checking out his target, walking up to him, and firing several bullets from close range. He then walks away slowly with an ease that is frightening. He seems to have no worry that he will be caught. Bystanders do nothing but ignore the bloodshed that happened only a few feet away.

No wonder really. The Camorra is notorious for its brazen hits and violent temper. In October of 2010, a group of Camorra members was caught on security cameras as they beat up two men sitting at a dinner table. Using a pistol and helmets to hit their victims the group ignores the fact that they are in a full restaurant surrounded by families with children.

The reason for this public beating? According to newspaper The Sun, the two men “were targeted after their children rowed with the mobsters' kids over the use of a swing.”

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