9236979482?profile=originalEstimate member count: around 200.
First Boss: Vincent Mangano
Primary rackets: Narcotics trafficking, loan sharking, gambling, extortion, car theft, union corruption, construction, internet fraud, waste management.
Boss: Domenico "Italian Dom" Cefalu



Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali (whacked)
Domenico "Italian Dom" Cefalu (in freedom)
John "Junior" Gotti (quit the mob)
John Gotti (dead, natural causes)
Paul Castellano (whacked)
Carlo Gambino (dead, natural causes)
Vincent Mangano (whacked)


Arnold "Zeke" Squitieri (in prison)
Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano (flipped, in freedom)
Francesco Scalice (whacked)


Frank Locascio (dead)


Anthony “Tony Pep” Trentacosta (dead)
Gene Gotti (in freedom)
Andrew Campos (in prison)
Bartolomeo "Pepe" Vernace (prison)
Robert "Bobby Cabert" Bisaccia (dead, natural causes)
Nicholas "Little Nicky" Corozzo (in freedom)
George DeCicco (dead, natural causes)
Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo (flipped)


Vincent Squillante (whacked)
Anthony Mascuzzio (whacked)
Carmine Agnello (prison)
Charles Carneglia (prison)
Samuel "Little Sammy" Corsaro (dead, natural causes)


Joseph Gambino (dead)
Joseph "Joe Marco Polo" Chirico (in freedom)
Gennaro "Jerry" Bruno (in prison)
Robert Sasso

“Joe Brooklyn,” “Uncle Ciccio,” “Vinny Slick” - Gambino family mobsters busted in New York and Italy
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“The fat fuck stole my money!” - Gambino Mafia family wiseguy guilty of shooting Lucchese family pal in the head
A Funeral in Brooklyn: The Mangano Brothers
Smart Gambino Mafia family capo gets 3 years in prison for multimillion-dollar fraud scheme
Franky Boy is Gone: The Killing of a Mafia Boss
How gangsters try (and fail) to evade government surveillance
Gambino associate pleads guilty to arson in Queens over $400 measly bucks in extortion scheme
WATCH: “Sammy the Bull” Gravano back with MTV show “Families of the Mafia”
Ex-Gambino Mafia family underboss Sammy Gravano is trying to get some good gangster PR – Will it work?
Only the Dead know Brooklyn
The Guys That Do More Than Killing: Gambino Mafia family mobsters busted for large variety of crimes
Paul Ragusa sentenced to 6 years in prison on gun charges
Gambino family mobster charged with treacherous murder and robbery of his dear 78-year-old friend
Frank Cali shot dead in front of his Staten Island mansion
How did Mafia hit squad Murder Inc. get its name?
Former Gambino family mobster shows his soft side
VIDEO: Bloods gangster talks about doing time with John Gotti in 1997
Gunman wearing fedora shoots up mob-linked restaurant
Feds bust Gambino family capo John Ambrosio
How Mafia families in New York and Canada cooperate in global drug trade
Gotti’s grandson is introducing the world of MMA to the family’s fighting spirit
“Mob Artist” Michael Bell about painting portrait of John Gotti
Sammy the Bull Gravano is a free man, but also a poster boy for the dangers of dealing with gangsters
Mob rat John Alite got beat up at a strip club
$15 million drug ring led by Gambino crime family busted
Hillary Clinton told son of Mafioso she was willing to change RICO laws
Gotti Jr. stands tall, warns people behind smear campaign
INTERVIEW: John Gotti Jr. sits down with Gangsters Inc.
Judge to rule if Gambino rat Alite violated supervised release
Gotti family takes film director on Mafia tour through city
Gotti Junior talks about his father, the Mafia & John Travolta
Exclusive: Excerpt of John A. "Junior" Gotti's new book
New York Gambino mobster hit with extortion rap in Italy
'Ndrangheta and Gambino crime family in global drug bust
Gangsters Inc. sits down with FBI agent Jack Garcia
Mob boss Junior Gotti stabbed in parking lot
Genovese and Gambino Mobsters in Garbage Bust
Violent Gambino Drug Crew Pleads Guilty
Gambino Crew Pleads Guilty To Racketeering and Prostitution
Mob Myth Busted: Gambino Family Pimping Out Underage Girls
Unrest Within The New York Mob
Gambino Capo Busted
Did Serial Killer Frame Mob Rat Gravano For Cop's Murder?

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