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President-elect Donald Trump is gathering quite the staff. Promising to seek the best and brightest to form his cabinet, he has made a few appointments that seem a bit contradictory. Someone who doesn’t believe in climate change is to head the Environmental Protection Agency, while a fierce opponent of labor laws is to become the next secretary of labor.

With that in mind, the funny folks at Saturday Night Live cooked up a sketch in which they discovered another curious pick by Trump. A high school science teacher named Walter White was made head of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) by the soon-to-be President.

White, who sometimes goes by the name of Heisenberg, has a lot of experience with… chemicals and says he knows “the DEA better than anyone. Inside and out.”

Though he doesn’t know Trump personally, White says he likes the way Trump thinks. “I also like that wall he wants to build. Nothing comes in from Mexico, meaning: A lot less competition for the rest of us.”

Watch the entire clip below:

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