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Looks can be deceiving. Looking at photos of Slobodanka Tosic, a former Playboy model and 2005 Miss Photogenic for Bosnia and Herzegovina, one can see many things, but mostly a beautiful, harmless, young, perhaps dumb, blonde woman. However, that same woman was sentenced to two and a half years in prison yesterday for her involvement in an attempted mob hit. Prosecutors even claim she belongs to “one of the largest organized crime groups” in Bosnia.

9237055670?profile=originalTosic was rounded up in a 2013 bust, part of an investigation into organized crime named “Lutka” -which means “Doll”- together with 32 other suspects. Prosecutors charged the defendants with a range of crimes including multiple murders, armed robberies, and money laundering.

How does a Playboy model end up in an organized crime murder plot you may ask? Well, 29-year-old Tosic allegedly helped lure one intended victim into a trap, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project writes. That victim, Djordje Zdrale, is a notorious gangster himself convicted of multiple gangland slayings.

Zdrale had lived the life and knew how one set up a successful mob hit, so his adversaries had a difficult time murdering him. They did know of one weak spot, however. Zdrale was in love with Tosic.

In 2006, Tosic asked Zdrale to accompany her to a friend’s house because she wanted to pick up some of her study books. Once the pair arrived, Zdrale found no books, but bullets raging past him as gunmen sprang into action.

Zdrale managed to escape and is currently doing 20 years in prison on a murder conviction.

Tosic now gets to enjoy the same view, serving her time for attempted murder. Fortunately for her she knows how to survive, she was a contestant in the Serbian version of reality show Survivor.

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