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Two men who hold the rank of Godfather in the Nine Trey Gangsters set of the United Blood Nation were convicted on Thursday of racketeering conspiracy charges. 44-year-old James Baxton (photo above, right), known on the streets as Frank White, and 45-year-old Pedro “Magoo” Gutierrez (photo above, left) were found guilty by a federal jury sitting in Charlotte following a two-week trial.

Prosecutors presented evidence in court showing that Gutierrez was a Godfather of the Nine Trey Gangsters and had served since 2003 as the Chairman of the council that governs the United Blood Nation, an organization with tens of thousands of members that spans the United States and has links to the Lucchese crime family, one of New York’s five Mafia clans.

Gutierrez, together with James Baxton and Omari Rosero, were “the last ones that God put in power” over the United Blood Nation. Rosero had already pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and admitted to holding the leadership rank of High, and to serving as an acting Godfather of the entire United Blood Nation gang.

As the Godfather of the set, Gutierrez, along with Baxton, conducted gang business and participated in the distribution of gang dues while incarcerated in the New York State Department of Corrections.

Trial evidence also established that Gutierrez ordered a gang war in North Carolina in 2011 directing that members of the Bloods gang attack and kill members of a renegade gang called Pretty Tony. The war resulted in numerous injuries among inmates and the lockdown of five North Carolina prisons for six months.

Further, trial evidence established that 42-year-old Cynthia Gilmore, who trafficked cocaine, was a local high-ranking officer who routinely traveled from North Carolina to New York to meet with Gutierrez, acting as his “eyes” and “voice” in the South. The evidence also showed that Baxton was trafficking heroin within the New York State and prison system. He also was calling and threatening the family members of inmates incarcerated in New York State in an effort to obtain money.

“United Blood Nation uses violence and intimidation to assert power over our neighborhoods and vicious tactics to bolster the image of an indestructible gang,” said U.S. Attorney R. Andrew Murray. “Today’s convictions of three high-ranking leaders delivered a blow to that myth, proving that United Blood Nation gangsters are no different than other common criminals – they can and will be found and prosecuted for their crimes.”

35 defendants have previously pleaded guilty in this investigation, including nine defendants in high-ranking leadership positions.

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