Coked Up Europe: Increase in cocaine traffic, more players and violence, but ‘Ndrangheta remains key
How gangsters try (and fail) to evade government surveillance
Gangster movies around the world: A Greatest Hits
WATCH: Sophisticated crew behind Fast & Furious-style heists on moving trucks busted – Loot totaled €10M
WATCH: Gangsters suspected of smuggling nuclear materials arrested in Austria
Iran allegedly protects Moroccan Dutch drug gangsters it used to murder its “enemies of the state” abroad
Mexican drug cartels looking to flood Western Europe with crystal meth
Investigation: Cocaine delivered faster than a pizza, cost varies around the world
From Morocco to Spain in 30 minutes: How gang smuggled migrants and cannabis on jet skis
Gang hijacked trucks in Fast & Furious style
Rise in sports corruption as Mafia groups step up involvement
Website shows Europe’s “Most Wanted Fugitives”


Manchester drug gang planned to torture and rob 82-year-old businessman at his family home
One of Britain’s most wanted drug traffickers caught in Dubai
The Pablo Escobar of Great Britain’s cocaine trade
Drug trafficker who used messaging apps to arrange drug parcels gets 11 years in prison
A Death in London
British drug boss Khaliq Ur Rehman
From a Spanish strip club straight to jail – Fugitive British drug boss arrested after 6 years on the run
The role of the Indian Mafia, gangs and match fixing in international cricket
Britain’s biggest ever drugs pipeline busted by National Crime Agency – Billions worth’ of drugs smuggled
The Boys from Bethnal Green: How the infamous Kray Twins ruled the London underworld
The Untouchables: How Britain’s top gangsters got rich off armed robberies and smuggling tons of drugs
Profile of British drug boss Robert “The Voice” Dawes
Hardened gangster told child actor: “You are the only person who said that to me and lived to tell tale”
“Good jobs, boys!” fugitive Liverpool gangster tells cops when they arrest him
Fugitive British drug boss Richard Wakeling
London-based Albanian cocaine gang sent to prison
Most wanted fugitive Liverpool drug boss Simon McGuffie
British secret agents have a license to commit crime
Dumb gangster busted buying grenades on the dark web with bitcoins
Guy Paget (69) back to prison for drug trafficking
London drug boss Patrick “Badger” Maloney
Gang conspired to smuggle 10M worth of heroin from Pakistan to UK
Liverpool drug boss Lee Jamieson
British cocaine smuggler David McDermott gets 13 years
Liverpool drug bosses Leslie McGuffie and his son Simon McGuffie
Robert Gerrard (prison)
Exclusive: ‘The Art of Smuggling’ by Britain’s first drug baron
Bekir “The Duke” Arif (prison)
Patrick "Patsy" Adams (prison)
Anthony Dennis (prison)
Gangster-turned-Cage Fighter Lee Murray (prison)
Terry Adams (freedom)
Brian "The Milkman" Wright (freedom)
Curtis "Cocky" Warren (prison)
Gangs of Britain by Peter Walsh


Irish mob boss Gerry “The Monk” Hutch arrested in Spain – Charged with brazen hit at boxing weigh-in
In the Irish city of Dublin, a crew known as “The Family” is flooding the streets with heroin and cocaine
Profile: Irish mob hitman “Fat Freddie” Thompson
UFC champion Conor McGregor’s fascination with gangsters
Prison for smugglers who hid weed in orange juice crates
Selfie: UFC champ Conor McGregor’s link to slain Irish gangster
Hit attempt on Irish mob boss John Gilligan
Irish gang has its own “supermarket” with dope and guns
Eamon "The Godfather" Kelly (whacked)
Martin "The General" Cahill (whacked)


Gerry “The Hint” Coxson and the men England could not tame
Looks can be deceiving: Look at Glasgow crime boss Paul Ferris
Tam "The Licensee" McGraw (dead, natural causes)
Arthur Thompson (dead, natural causes)
Stewart "Specky" Boyd (dead, car crash)


Drug boss Nicholas Strange (in prison)


An interview with Rédoine Faïd – France’s jailbreak king
The man supplying France with 10% of its hashish: Profile of French drug boss Moufide Bouchibi
Robbers set French highway ablaze as they steal €2.5 million in gold
Jacky "Mad Jacky" Imbert (dead, natural causes)


“We have to do some damage control” - Profile of Moroccan-Dutch female drug boss Naima Jillal
From the Caribbean to Dubai and Europe: Profile of international drug boss Shurendy “Tyson” Quant
Iran allegedly protects Moroccan Dutch drug gangsters it used to murder its “enemies of the state” abroad
Profile of Moroccan drug boss Ridouan Taghi
British career criminal shot in head and left for dead in Amsterdam
How organized crime continues to dominate the prostitution business, despite legalization efforts
The Dutch Al Capone: How Dries Riphagen went from crime boss to Nazi Jew hunter in WWII
Profile: Turkish drug boss Cetin Gören
Thief who sold two Van Gogh paintings to Camorra Mafia tells his heist story
South America is a deadly destination for enterprising Dutch gangsters
Right-hand-man of Suriname president's son guilty in U.S. drug case
Convicted drug trafficker becomes head of South American country’s National Security Service
Corrupt cop sold info to international drug gangs and bikers
Henk Orlando Rommy (in prison)
Johannes "Johnny" Mieremet (whacked)
Ferry Koch: King of the Rip (whacked)
Dutch Crime Boss Murdered In Broad Daylight


Los Castañas: Two brothers and Spain’s most notorious drug cartel
The King of Heroin: Profile of drug boss Sadullah Unnu, who flooded Europe with dope
Profile: Spanish drug boss Sito Miñanco, who can’t stop smuggling tons of cocaine despite his fame
Spanish money laundering network fronting as kebab meat supplier busted
Georgian organized crime group busted in Madrid, Spain
The Russian Mafia in Spain: Operation "Troika"
Organized Crime Gangs Invade Spain
Spain: Sunny beaches and lots of organized crime


Realism is key in Bronx-based “Albanian Gangster” as it depicts “war-torn psyche fused with honor code”
Albanians sentenced on charges they plotted to traffic £500K of cocaine
Clan-based Albanian drug gang busted across Europe
London-based Albanian cocaine gang sent to prison
Albanian mob boss Naser Kelmendi built a criminal business empire on white heroin and ecstasy
Chinese woman laundered £1.8 million in drugs money for Albanian crime group in just two weeks
Albanian gangs taking increasing control over Europe’s drug markets
Albanian organized crime pair's cocaine ring busted
Profile: Albanian drug boss Besnik Sinanaj
International Albanian Heroin Ring Busted in Italy
Princ Dobroshi (in freedom)



“King of the Night” – Profile of Greek crime boss Vassilis Stefanakos
Profile: Greek crime boss Panagiotis Vlastos
Profile: Greek crime boss "The Greek Escobar" Angelopoulos


A most wanted man: Moroccan-Belgian drug boss Rachid Bouazza
Profile: Belgian crime boss Marcel “Le Grande Marcel” Habran







The King of Heroin: Profile of drug boss Sadullah Unnu, who flooded Europe with dope
Profile: Turkish drug boss Cetin Gören


Polish-American Arms Trafficker is Feeling the Heat


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