By David Amoruso

Trafficking in narcotics remains one of the most lucrative criminal activities around. Groups and individuals from across the world have experienced the huge and seemingly easy profit drugs bring. Be it cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or weed: it all translates to money. And lots of it.

With the huge amount of money come power and envy and the drug world is known for its violent flare ups. In Florida the so-called Cocaine Cowboys left the streets dripping in blood. While Pablo Escobar had made so much money trafficking cocaine, he had acquired enough power to take on the Colombian government in a war that reminded more of Iraq than South America.

Though, we at Gangsters Inc. will also report on drug groups in Asia, Europe, Jamaica, and North America, our focus will be on South America. That area has always been the center of the cocaine trade and smuggling into the United States. Mexico is currently involved in a drug war that cost the lives of over 34,000 in the past four years. As Mexican authorities are working closely with American agencies to combat the powerful drug cartels, the violence is spiraling out of control with gruesome beheadings and mass murder on a weekly basis.

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