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A corruption scandal involving two outlaw motorcycle gangs and international drug trafficking organizations has erupted in the Netherlands. Dutch newspaper NRC Next discovered that Mark M., a 28-year-old detective from the National Police had been selling sensitive intelligence to leaders of biker gangs and drug groups over a period of several years.

The detective is under arrest and has been charged with corruption, neglect of duty, and money laundering. During searches at four locations, police seized computers, police jammers, drugs, and €235,000 in cash. A 45-year-old man he allegedly sold intelligence to has also been arrested. He's been charged with bribery, money laundering, and drug possession.

According to journalist Marcel Haenen’s piece in NRC Next, the detective had access to all big organized crime and drug cases and investigations in the Netherlands. He allegedly sold this sensitive information to drug trafficking organizations and outlaw motorcycle gangs in the province of Brabant. He is rumored to have had close links to the leaders of outlaw biker gangs No Surrender and Satudarah MC.

This leak poses a significant risk to active informants and witnesses who were working with police during investigations.

Police and the Attorney General’s office are calling it the country's biggest police corruption scandal since the 1990s, when agents were caught trafficking large quantities of narcotics with help of the gangsters they were supposed to bring down.

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