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Violence and suffering be damned, cocaine remains one of the world’s favorite recreational drugs. A newly released report by the Global Drug Survey explored its cost and availability around the world. They found that home drug delivery is becoming more popular, with cocaine arriving faster than the pizza courier.

“Easy access and higher purity are likely to lead to escalating use and harm amongst people,” Professor Adam R Winstock, founder and CEO of the Global Drug Survey writes. “Speedy home shopping delivery is part our lives and represents the expansion and sophistication of retail markets around the world. In the same way that online shopping is leading to the decimation of many high streets, the online drugs trade may be putting many street dealers out of business.”

He adds, “Our findings show that illicit drugs like cocaine are just another commodity and that as with any competitive market place, a retailer with something to sell will look to maximize the purchase experience in order to gain a competitive edge over other suppliers.”

For its 2018 report the Global Drug Survey researched the drug-taking habits of 130,000 people across 44 countries. Results show that same day cocaine delivery is the norm, while in many major cities, you really can get cocaine quicker than pizza.

In countries like Brazil, the Netherlands, Denmark, Colombia, Scotland, and England the percentage of people who say they can get cocaine faster than a pizza ranges from a stunning 36 percent in England to 44 percent in Brazil. Of people in the United States who participated in the survey 23.6 percent say their drug dealer is speedier than the pizza boy.

The cost of a gram of cocaine

Though it arrives faster than a pizza pie, it does cost a lot more. Addiction, violence, and suffering notwithstanding, Global Drug Survey found that prices for a gram of cocaine vary around the world. In Colombia, at the source of much of the globe’s cocaine supply, you can get a gram for €5 euros ($6 dollars). That’s below the average of South America where a gram is worth around €10 euros ($12 dollars).

As the infamous drug cartels begin smuggling the product across the world, prices increase. Nowhere is a gram of cocaine more expensive than in Australia and New Zealand where on average a gram costs around €200 euros ($240 dollars).

In Europe prices average between €60 to €80 euros ($72 to $95 dollars) for a gram of coke with a 60 to 70 percent purity level. Here we see an interesting indication of a country’s importance as a global narcotics hub. In the Netherlands and Belgium, both countries with a large port and easy access into mainland Europe, a gram of cocaine is the cheapest in all of Europe, going for €48 euros ($57 dollars) in the Netherlands to €51 euros ($61 dollars) in Belgium, far below the average of €60 euros.

You can read the entire report at Global Drug Survey.

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