9237066680?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

It’s never fun when you lose your cell phone. No one can reach you, you can’t reach anyone. Worse: All your dick pics and various other shameful photos and data are lying around somewhere waiting for some stranger to take a peek at them. Imagine if you were a gangster living the high life, spending bricks of cash, driving expensive cars, and torturing some people. Yeah, you wouldn’t want to lose that phone!

Yet, that is exactly what happened to some poor Chinese gangster from an unknown location. He lost his cell phone and in the process he lost his privacy when several incriminating photos were posted online showing him flaunting his wealth and abusing a victim.

Here are the photos:


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  • Hahaha will do :D

  • If he goes to prison he'll have plenty of time to work off that belly.  In the meantime, please no more photos like that.  I only have so much bleach I can rinse my eyes with LOL.

  • Haha, yeah he should definitely do that, Richard :D He sure has enough money to get a gym membership ;-)

  • Me thinks he needs to join a gym.

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