Chicago: A Gangster History Part 2

You can find Chicago: A Gangster History Part 1 here.

By Puparo


Saltis McErlane gang
4 October 1925 was the Ragens Colts Club House (Ralph Sheldon headquarters) machine gunned and died bystander Charles Kelly and wounded was Thomas Hart

Saltis McErlane gang
13 October 1925 was Sheldon man Ed Lattyak killed by Saltis gang

Saltis McErlane gang
16 October 1925 there was an attempt to kill Spike O’Donnell by Saltis McErlane gang

Saltis McErlane gang
22 October 1925 was O’Donnell man Pasquale Tolizotte killed by Saltis gang

Saltis McErlane gang
16 November 1925 was Joe Saltis shot and wounded

Saltis McErlane gang
28 November 1925 was McErlane arrested for a shooting and a slugging during a highjacking

Saltis McErlane gang
3 December 1925 were “Dynamite Joe” Brooks and policeman Edward Harmening killed by Saltis mcErlane gang

Saltis McErlane gang
10 February 1926 were William Wilson and Sheldon ally John “Mitters” Foley wounded

Esposito’s brother in laws
15 April 1926 the Sheldon gang lost their two top distributors Frank DeLaurentis (29) and John Tucillo (Tucello) (33). The Genna- Aiellos killed Esposito’s brother in law John Tucillo???? Frank DeLaurentis cousin of Joe Esposito

Saltis McErlane gang
20 July 1926 was Vincent McErlane attacked

Saltis McErlane gang
23 July 1926 was Frank Conlon killed and escaped Vincent McErlane (brother of Frank). Charged was Mitters Foley

Walter Stevens attacked
29 July 1926 was Walter Stevens attacked

Saltis McErlane gang
6 August 1926 was John “Mitters” Foley killed by the Saltis McErlane gang

In October 1926, a general amnesty had been ordered between Al Capone's Chicago Outfit and Bugs Moran's North Side Gang.


Checker cab holding owner Joseph W Wokral
In 1926 there starts in Chicago a war between the Checker cab holding and the Yellow cab holding and several men get killed. Joseph W Wokral was the owner of Checker’s and for him worked Gene McLaughlin and Bob McLaughlin who started for their own and soon police arrest the brothers with 3 others when they post at Wokral’s home to kill him. As soon as they are free Wokral’s house was blown up.

Checker cab holding owner Joseph W Wokral killed
Not much later on 9 December 1926 was Joseph W Wokral (47) shot 4 times in the back when he sits in his car, before he dies he says Gene McLaughlin was one of his assassins and he was followed up as president by Gene McLaughlin’s brother Bob McLaughlin. Other suspect is Rob?? Schmidt aka Harry Brown aka “Frisco Dutch”.


Saltis McErlane gang
30 December 1926 Sheldon Gang member Hilary Clements was killed by the Saltis-McErlane Gang

Saltis gunmen Charlie Hubacek and Frank Koncil killed
in retaliation the Sheldon Gang killed 11 March 1927 Saltis gunmen Charlie Hubacek and Frank Koncil

Earl “Big Herb” Herbert
22 November 1927 was Joe Saltis bodyguard Frank Herbert (26) (brother of Earl “Big Herb” Herbert) shot and killed by police sergeant John Gibbons

Chicago Heights

Chicago Heights boss Dominic Roberto
3 June 1926 killers try to hit Heights boss Philip Piazza and his capo Giralmo "Jim" Lamberta. Piazza, Lamberta, mrs Barrier, Mrs. Bass and Charlie Costello went to inspect the Derby Inn (it is opposite the new Washington Park race track which opens soon), which Piazza owned and planned to reopen soon. Witnesses saw Joe Guzzino in the neighborhood (Joe Guzzino's sons are Nick Guzzino, later close with Tocco and Palermo, and Sam Guzzino). Costello left the party and probably signaled the killers. Lamberta and Mrs. Crystal Barrier were killed.

Chicago Heights boss Dominic Roberto
Summer 1926 they exterminate the leaders of the Sanfilippo- Piazza gang and Roberto is the boss in Chicago Heights.

Chicago Heights
9 June 1926 was murder suspect Frank Camera killed

Chicago Heights
3 August 1926 was Jim Lamberta’s nephew Joe Salvo shot and killed

Giuseppe Nerone “Tony Spano”
Nerone was the nephew of Chicago Heights boss Phillip Piazza and had also ties with the Genna brothers

Genna traitor Giuseppe Nerone “Tony Spano” killed
Giuseppe Nerone (Narone) “Tony Spano” (35) goes 20 august 1926 out for a haircut and became the first victim of the classical barber murder when Tony Aiello entered and shot and killed him. Pete Genna was shortly for the murder arrested

Chicago Heights
29 August 1926 was Nerone man Frank Capello killed in a car. The car was owned by Dominic Roberto who loaned the car to Capello. On Capello’s body police found the phone number of Mrs. B. Tropea wife of Orazio Tropea. Police also found the bankbook of Joe Nerone that showed 4000 dollars in recent deposits to Piaza men Joe Pavia and Peter Maggiore.

Chicago Heights
2 September 1926 was Nerone man Antonio De Stefano Pelledrino found killed

Chicago Heights
Frank Laporte, Dominic Roberto and John Louis were 10 September 1926 arrested for the murder of John Andreadis

John Dano was 18 October 1926 killed, he was a former Genna man


North side Little Sicily based Aiello brothers
Aiello brothers had their territory in the newer Little Italy after Italians had gone to the North Side

Chicago’s Aiello brothers
After the fall of the Gennas, their bootlegging activities in Taylor street based Little Italy were taken over by the Aiello brothers (came from Bagheria).

Chicago’s Aiello brothers
The Aiello brothers Giuseppe “Joseph” Aiello (born 27 September 1890 and wife Catherine), Salvatore “Sam” Aiello, Pietro “Peter” Aiello, Dominick Aiello (wife Grace), Antonio “Tony” Aiello and Andrea “Andrew” Aiello

Frank Aiello’s brother in law Angelo La Mantia (had married Frank Aiello’s sister and his brother is Anthony La Mantia) (Angelo La mantia moved to Milwaukee and married Josephine Aiello and her grandfather was Vito Guardalabene)

Chicago’s Aiello brothers
Joey Aiello and Anthony “the Scourge” Lombardo owner of a cheese importing business named The Antonio Lombardo & Co (Aiello is president and Lombardo vice president). Aiello had his partner Unione Siciliana president Lombardo killed 7 September 1928

Oak Street (Little Italy) near "Death Corner" based Aiello brothers
The Aiello family owned also the clothing shop “Aiello and Aliotto” at 516 Oak Street.

Chicago’s Aiello brothers
The Aiellos owned the bakery and “paticceria” Bella Palermo at 473 West Division street in the heart of Little Sicily.


Capone’s headquarter the Metropole Hotel (Chicago)
Capone opened the year 1927 by moving his headquarters from Cicero setting up headquarters in the Metropole Hotel at 2300 South Michigan Avenue.

Milwaukee based Aiello man Mike Mineo
Aiello man Michele Mineo transferred from Chicago to Milwaukee in April 1927.

25 May 1927 the from New York imported Antonio Torchio aka Antonio Tocci (32) was found murdered as he had just stepped of a train arriving in Chicago , his wallet wasn't touched and in his hand palm lay a dime put there by his killer. Torchio had come to Chicago to help Aiello in his war against Capone. Suspects are Jack McGurn and John Scalise

Aiello’s bakery
On May, 28, 1927, Aiello’s bakery, located at 473 W. Division Street was riddled with over 200 machine gun bullets from a gangland drive-by shooting. Suspects the Lombardo and Capone group

Aiello man killed
1 June 1927 Lawrence LaPresta.

Aiello man killed
20 June 1927 was Nunzio Jamericco (Nunio Jamirriso) (29) killed

26 June 1927 was Angelo Morealli shot and wounded

Aiello man killed
29 June 1927 died Diego Attlomionte (Alttmonte) (32) who had been shot 26 June 1927 in his car and his passenger Otto Puppelo was wounded.

Aiello men killed
29 June 1927 Lorenzo Alagna (32 and his sons were Gaetano and Matteo Alagna). Police suspect Matt Lombardo and Peter Gardina. 11 July 1927 was also his brother Gaspare Alagna (35) killed

Bath Beach (Brooklyn) gangster Francesco Uale "Frankie Yale"

Bath Beach (Brooklyn) gangster Francesco Uale "Frankie Yale"
1 July 1927 there was an murder attempt on Yale by Felice “Jimmy Files” D’Amato

New York based Felice “Jimmy Files” D’Amato killed
7 July 1927 was Capone friend Felice “Jimmy Files” D’Amato murdered in New York, Capone suspects Francesco Uale “Frankie Yale” was behind it.


Aiello man killed
11 July 1927 was barber Giovanni Blandini (Blaudins) (40) killed.

17 July 1927 saloonkeeper and Aiello man Dominick Cinderella was killed. Suspects were McGurn and his friend Orchell De Grazio.


St Louis boss Vito Giannola
Anthony F Russo and Vincent Spicuzza get into an ambush and are shot to death in their car at 9 August 1927, both have a dime in their hand. Russo and Spicuzza were not killed by McGurn, their killer Alphonse Palazzolo left the dimes to put the blame on McGurn (the other killer would have been Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa and they were accompanied by Impastato and Jack Licavoli), but he started to brag about the murders and William Russo heard it and started the Italian gang war.

Santino was against the hit on Tony Russo and V Spicuzza and this caused Giannola to turn on him. Santino knew he had to hit first and aided the Russos in killing Palazzolo. Santino was close to people in Detroit and NYC


McGurn and his dime murders on Aiello hired killers??
24 September 1927 in Chicago the from Cleveland arrived Samuel Valente was found with a dime in his hand in a field near Stickney (Illinois) with his head crushed with blows from a hatchet. Suspect is McGurn.

Chicago, Green Mill Café (at 4802 North Broadway and manager Danny Cohen), comedian Joe E. Lewis
On October 15, 1927, comedian Joe E. Lewis told the owner of the Green Mill Cafe that he was leaving to work at the New Rendezvous Cafe. The next day, gangster "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn, part owner of the green Mill, met Joe outside the Commonwealth Hotel at 2757 Pine Grove Ave. where Joe had lived for seven years, and told him "You'll never live to open." Joe grinned and told him, "I open on November 2, I'll reserve a table for you," then walked away.

MCGURN MUTILATES IN Commonwealth Hotel the comedian Joe E Lewis
9 November 1927 there was a knock at the door of Lewis' 10th floor room in the Commonwealth Hotel. When Lewis opened the door, three men brushed past him and closed the door. One of the men hit Joe on the back of head with his gun, knocking him to the floor, where two men hammered his skull with the butt of their guns until he was unconscious. The third man pulled out a hunting knife and punched the blade into Joe's left jaw as far as he could, then ripped his throat from ear to ear. Then he sliced Joe's throat twelve more times. Fifteen minutes later, Lewis was rushed to the Columbus Hospital three blocks away at 2548 .Lakeview. Surgery saved his live, but he lost his ability to speak. It was well known that the attack was ordered by "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn in retaliation of Joe's refusal to appear at McGurn's Green Mill night club. Six days after Lewis was attacked, the thug who had sliced Lewis' throat, was found in a south side alley - shot to death. A few months later, the other two thugs were also found shot to death. Gangster Vincent "The Schemer" Drucci, a friend of Lewis, lived on the eighth floor of the Commonwealth Hotel at he time of the attack.

EARLY INVASION OF SPRINGFIELD (perhaps part of those 5 murders and date wrong of early 30ties??)

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
10 November 1927 the mafiosi kill in St Louis Charles Palmisano because he didn't want to pay protection money after Palizzola was killed.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
10 November 1927 were Robert Aiello and Frank Aiello shot and killed in Springfield, Illinois, wounded were Lee Meachum and Vito Lapicola. Robert and Frank Aiello were killed for killing a rival, they were associates of Willie Russo. Willie Russo brother in law Tony Aiello

Jasper Aiello (20) killed
In 1927 was Jasper Aiello (20) killed with 15 shots over a bad liquor deal.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
12 November 1927 was Charles Casamento killed, he was supposed to be one of the killers of the Aiellos


Angelo La Mantia
Angelo La Mantia (18) was wanted in Italy for a 1922 murder. His brother Pietro La Mantia was wanted for the murder of a jeweler in Italy.

Angelo La Mantia
Joey Aiello then hired Angelo LaMantio (23) to shoot Capone and Lombardo as they were leaving Hinky Dink Kenna’s cigar store at 311 South Clark, but the assassination attempt was interrupted by the police when they arrest 22 November 1927 Angelo La Mantia aka Joseph Rizzo aka Russo (Joe Russio) with Joseph Aiello, Jack manzella (Manzello), Michele Bizirro (Mike Bizarro) and Joseph Rubinelli (Joe Rubinello).

They get brought to the police station and locked up, several hours later 8 cars arrive with 20 men from Capone. The agents see that they want to storm the station and arrest the 3 leaders: Louis Campagna (who was imported that year by Capone from New York), Frank Perry and Sam Marcus. The men are put in a cell next to Joseph Aiello and threaten him openly with death.

Aiello men
Aiello man Nick Manzello

Madison boss Aiello man Carlo Caputo???
Aiello man Carlo Caputo (died 9 November 1993) left Chicago and became boss of Madison and his right hand was Joseph Aiello (died 7 November 1970). Carlo Caputo owned there restaurants Rosemary’s on Atwood Avenue and Club Hollywood on Monona, Carlo’s Restaurant and The Atwood Steakhouse. His daughter was Maria Milsted Caputo


Capone’s headquarter the Lexington Hotel
and in 1928 Capone sett up headquarters one block north at the Lexington Hotel. When Al Capone moved into the Lexington Hotel in 1928, he rented the entire fourth floor and most of the third. He lived in #430, a six-room suite. Capone was living here till 1931 when he was convicted of tax evasion. John "Bathhouse" Coughlin, first ward alderman, was living in Capone's old suite in 1938.

Chicago gambling bosses Jake Guzik and Jimmy Mondi
Capone set up headquarters for his gambling empire at Clark and Madison streets, one block from the mayor’s office. In charge of gambling operations were Jake Guzik and Jimmy Mondi.

Chicago republican mayor William Hale Thompson
Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson served again from 1927 till 1931. At the elections in Chicago mayor Bill Thompson was supported by Al Capone and candidate Dever was supported by Moran and his supporters.

Chicago police commissioner William O’Connor
In 1927 William O’Connor becomes head of police under mayor William Thompson.

Albert J. Prignano aka "Al" Prignano
Prignano (born circa1892) became a member of the Chicago City Council (20th Ward) in 1927 and served till 1929

United States Attorney George E. Q. Johnson
United States Attorney George E. Q. Johnson served from 1927 till 1932

Chicago District Attorney (DA) Robert E Crowe
Chicago District Attorney (DA) Robert E Crowe was followed up in 1928 by ??

West side mobster Lawrence Mangano
In 1928 West side mobster Lawrence Mangano , newspaper millionaire Frank Pope!!!!! and North side mobster Louis Barsoti (Capone man who ran a North Clark Street den) have a bombing war.

Chicago Comptroller Charles Fitzmorris
Charles Fitzmorris became Chicago's Comptroller from 1927-1928.

Chicago Comptroller Charles Fitzmorris resigns
In January 1928 was the home of former police chief Charles Fitzmorris bombed and he stepped down in July 1928????

Charles Fitzmorris
After leaving his public service, he became president of the Globe Coal Company.

Charles Fitzmorris (64) dies
He passed away on August 20, 1948.

Judge John Sbarbaro
17 February 1928 was Judge John Sbarbaro’s undertaking parlor on Wells Street bombed and the suspect is Joseph Caminiti. The Judge was a bootlegger

Chicago Steamfitters and Helpers Union Local 520?? president Giuseppe "Diamond Joe" Esposito

21 March 1928 was Giuseppe "Diamond Joe" Esposito (55) the gangster boss of the republicans shot and killed when he and his bodyguards Ralph Varchetti and Joe Varchetti cross a street. All of the bullets recovered from diamond Joe Esposito were dipped in garlic and police believe his killers were Anselmi and Scalise. Lorenzo Juliano had also been a suspect in the murder of Giuseppe "Diamond Joe" Esposito. Esposito supported Deneen and his political opponent was Joseph Savage

senator Deneen’s home damaged by a bomb
26 March 1928 was senator Deneen’s home damaged by a bomb.

State Attorney candidate Swanson’s home bombed
Almost at the same time went a bomb off at Deneen’s supporter State Attorney candidate Swanson’s home

20th Ward committeeman and Afro American Octavius Granady
20th Ward committeeman and Afro American Octavius Granady ran for candidate against Bill Pacelli for committeeman

On election day 10 April 1928 was 20th Ward committeeman and Afro American Octavius Granady (43) shot and killed in his car by six men who pursued him in a car. Suspected shooter is Johnny Armando (Armands or Armondo) who was arrested 18 June 1928. 2 July 1928 was Sam Kaplan arrested. Also indicted were Harry Holstein, Louis Clementi, James Belcastro and Thomas Samario. Aiello’s man Thomas Somnerio had been tried and acquitted of the election day 10 April 1928 murder of Octavius Granady but was killed 3 June 1930

West side based Minerva Athletic Club owner Lawrence Mangano
West side mobster Lawrence Mangano owner of the Minerva Athletic Club which was raided 7 September 1928 the next day was bombed the house of Des Plaines street police station captain Luke Garrick


1 January 1928 was Frank “Dutch” Carpenter (25 and a friend of Danny Stanton) shot and killed in the Radio Inn. Suspects are Jack McGurn and Johnny Armando

Capone chauffeur Sylvester Joseph Barton killed
Capone chauffeur Sylvester Joseph Barton was struck and killed by a car “accidently” 11 January 1928

Chicago, New Rendezvous Cafe, comedian Joe E. Lewis
On January 28th 1928, less than eleven weeks after his throat was slashed, Joe E. Lewis opened again at the Rendezvous at 622 Diversey. Ted Healy, of "Three Stooges" fame and Sophie Tucker canceled other engagements to be in the show with him.

31 January 1928 was Jack Gold killed. Suspect is Johnny Armando (Angelo Armondo)

AIELO BROTHERS MURDER Esposito’s brother in law Leonetti
The Aiellos killed 23 February 1928 Esposito’s brother in law Philip Leonetti (37 and he was married to a sister of Esposito). ?????/? (Leonetti suspect in the 20 February 1923 murder of Joe basile , 27) ???

the Great Evergreen Park Train robbery
25 February 1928 there was the Great Evergreen Park Train robbery by Willie Jackson (killed), Wild Bill Donovan, Limpy Cleaver, Frank Meccia aka Frank Derrico, Lawrence O’Brien, Louis Padersonik (killed??), John Flannery, Virgil Litsinger aka Bill Collins

Sam Hunt
4 April 1928 Sam Hunt is released of a gun carry charge along with Clyde Bridges, james Hines, Mike “bon bon” Algretti (Allegretti) (a manager of Ralph Capone at the Cotton club) and Ralph Pierce.

17 April 1928 was McGurn shot at in his car.

14 July 1928 was Zuta man Isadore “Nigger” Goldberg (26) shot and killed in the Century garage at 1046 W. Harrison street. Suspect is Jack McGurn


Chicago sewer contractor Frank Ranieri
In September 1928 was Billy Ranieri (Renieri) (10 and the son of Chicago sewer contractor Frank Ranieri) kidnapped.

Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully
Wealthy Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully cousin Attillo Scalditti was extorted by 42 Gang members

Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully
Wealthy Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully (a second cousin and godfather of Billy Ranieri) helped police to arrest Billy Ranieri’s kidnapper Angelo Petitti. Police then arrested the other kidnappers Andrew Cappellano and son Tony Cappellano, Pasquale Capotosti, Dominick DePalma, Albert Woodrick while Joseph Muscato was shot and killed by police

Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully killed
Wealthy Italian sewer contractor Olempio Scalzitti (Scalzetti) aka Ole Scully (a second cousin and godfather of Billy Ranieri) was beaten to death in a restaurant 17 December 1928. His daughter is Lydia Scully who married John Cain and they got as son Richard Cain who became famous as a police officer on the take of the Outfit. Olempio Scalzitti

In April 1929 was Joe Perconti killed. His information led to the arrest of the kidnappers of Billy Ranieri (Renieri). He was the second informer who was killed since the kidnappers were arrested.


Milwaukee based Ferrara
Aiello man Salvatore Ferrara went to Milwaukee

Milwaukee based Angelo LaMantia (brother Anthony LaMantia)
Angelo La mantia moved to Milwaukee and married Josephine Aiello (sister of Frank Aiello and their grandfather was Vito Guardalabene)

Milwaukee based Angelo LaMantia
Angelo LaMantia and Josephine Aiello took out a marriage license on May 15, 1928 in Waukegan, Illinois.

Chicago based Polk Street murder
In May 1928 was Gaetano Acci (of 1066 Polk Street) killed

Aiello family murders Capone men at "Death Corner"
19 June 1928 the bullet-riddled corpses of Capone henchmen, John Oliveri (45) and Joseph Salamone (30), were discovered at Death Corner, a half-block from the Aiello confectionary on Oak St.

Bath Beach (Brooklyn) gangster Francesco Uale "Frankie Yale" killed

Capone in Miami??
29 June 1928 Capone gets visited by Jake Guzik, Charles Fischetti and Daniel A Serritella.

Coney Island (Brooklyn) boss Carmelo Liconti
Carmelo Liconti had not only been a friend of Al Capone but had been associated closely with Frankie Yale before that gangster was murdered in Brooklyn, the police said.

Bath Beach (Brooklyn) gangster Francesco Uale "Frankie Yale" killed
1 July 1928 Brooklyn gangster Francesco Uale "Frankie Yale" drives around in his car when he get shot and killed from a black Sedan the shooters use 4 machineguns (notable for the first recorded instance when a tommy-gun was hefted in New York) and Yale gets riddled with bullets at the orders of Capone. The killers are McGurn, Accardo (22), Scalise and Anselmi and Fred Burke possibly also Louis Campagna and the weapons came from James Bozo Shupe who was later also killed. Terranova may have organized the assassination. Masseria was questioned in the Yale murder.

Louis Campagna (suspected with Willie Heeney and former Egan’s Rats member Claude Maddox in NY of killing Yale)

Masseria capo Yale’s territory in South Brooklyn was divided between Pisano Carfano and Adonis


Aiello bodyguard Anthony “Tough Tony” Califura killed
16 July 1928 Aiello bodyguard Anthony “Tough Tony” Califura, met his end in a drive-by shooting at North Ave. and Wells St.

Dominick Aiello killed
20 July 1928 was in Chicago Dominick Aiello (55) murdered. Aiello uncle was murdered in his Little Sicily grocery store, just south of Death Corner.

20th Ward boss Morris Eller and son Emanuel Eller
31 July 1928 was Benny Zion shot and killed (brother ??). He was a hoodlum who worked for 20th Ward Republican boss Morris Eller (son Emanuel Eller). He had been accused of the murder of Octavio Granady

Chicago’s Unione Siciliana president Antonio Lombardo
Tony Lombardo, a member of the Al Capone gang, lived with his wife and children in a villa at 4442 W. Washington in 1923. Lombardo was the president of the Union Siciliane in 1925. 7 September 1928 Capone’s consiglieri Antonio Lombardo (the Unione Siciliano leader) goes with his bodyguards Joseph Ferraro aka Joseph Morici and Joseph Lolordo outside to enter their car when Joseph Aiello and his men open fire and kill Lombardo and Joseph Ferraro aka Joseph Morici (HHHUuh???Morici!!). Joseph Lolordo’s brother Pasquale Lolordo then becomes the boss of the Unione Siciliano. Angelo La Mantia’s brother Pietro La Mantia is a suspect in the Lombardo murder.
Chicago’s Unione Siciliana president Pasquale Lolordo


Checker Cab company driver Eugene Thivierge killed
Sept. 22, 1928 (AP) Taxicab warfare which police say has been brewing for several days broke out today at a cab stand at Cottage Grove avenue and 68th street, near the Granada cafe. Eugene Thivierge, 35, a driver for the Checker Cab company, was shot dead. Bernard Reishter (Reister), a Yellow Cab driver, was arrested shortly afterward.

Yellow cab company owner John Hertz
Oct. 4, 1928- (AP) Charging that Robert E. Crowe, state's attorney, is unqualified to conduct an inquiry into a taxicab war here because he is a stockholder in the Yellow Cab company, officials of the Checker Taxi company today appealed to Judge John L. Sullivan, chief justice of the criminal court, for a special grand jury and a special. “The Checker company acted after Mr. Crowe yesterday ordered all its records seized and its officials to appear before the grand jury following two bombings of Yellow Cab company garages and the burning of the racing stables of John Hertz, head of the Yellow company, with a loss of more than $200,000 through the death of 11 race horses. “Charles Dougherty, assistant state's attorney, told Judge Sullivan that neither Mr. Crowe nor any members of his family owned Yellow Cab company stock.

Spike O’Donnell

Spike O’Donnell
Spike O’Donnell man Otto Kosteneck aka George Darrow (35) was killed 28 October 1928 by a policeman


Ragen’s Colts leader Danny Stanton
Ragen’s Colts leader Ralph Sheldon left Chicago and new ragen’s Colts leader became Danny Stanton who got into troubles with Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (had worked before for South side gambler Tommy Tuit) and George Maloney

George Maloney
the 1928 murder of South side gangster Thomas Johnson. Suspect George Maloney

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan attacked
14 October 1928 escaped Michael “Bubs” Quinlan from an ambush but bartender Ralph Murphy was killed. Suspected shooter was Stanton man Hugh “Stubby” McGovern

George Maloney
29 December 1928 were Danny Stanton’s men Hugh “Stubby” McGovern and William “Gunner” McPadden shot and killed in South Side nightclub Granada Café by George Maloney who was caught with his revolver by police. Major Calvin Goddard proofed the revolver had also been used in the 1928 murder of South side gangster Thomas Johnson


Joseph Porello the boss of Cleveland and his capo Sam Tilocco (murdered in 1930) host the first big mob gathering in the US at 5 December 1928 in Hotel Statler, somebody had tipped of the police and they arrest 23 man under whom 5 members of the murdered Francesco Uale "Yale" gang: Joseph Profaci (30), Magliocco, Vincent Mangano, Joseph Giunta (31 from New York but soon settling in Chicago where he should start to lead the Unione but was killed in 1929), Porello man Sam Tilocco, Giuseppe Palermo (32) (wanted for 8 murders in Italy), Ignazio Italiano from Tampa (dies 11 august 1930 at 74) and Giuseppe "Joe" Vaglicia (34 from Tampa), Detroit boss Charles SanFilippo (28) and his bodyguard Giovanni "John" Mirabella (30 from St Louis), Antonio "Tony" Bello, (26 Chicago real name Phil Bacino), Sam DeCarlo (24 Buffalo), Pavio Palazzola (33), Frank Abatte aka Francesco Agrusa "Frank Alo" (27 from Chicago), James Intrivia (35), Salvatore Lombardino (37 from Chicago), Giuseppe Accurso (27 Chicago), Michele "Mike" Russo (35 New Jersey and killed in 1954), Andrea Lombardino (24 NJ), Salvatore Oliveria (33 Chicago), Emanuel Cannarade (27 from Chicago) and Pasquale Lolordo (27 Chicago and killed 8 January 1929). Joe Porello was bondsman for Joseph Profaci and Ignacio Italiano. Raymond Porello was bondsman for Giuseppe Magliocco, Vincent Mangano and Joe Traina and Sam DiCarlo (Joe DiCarlo's brother), the others were bonded by friends of the Porellos. There is a famous set of pictures of the arrested men, except for Profaci whose picture disappeared from the police files. Probably they discussed the murder in October 1928 of capo mafia Toto D'Aquila in Brooklyn.

Chicago’s Unione Siciliana president Pasquale Lolordo
8 January 1929 Pasquale Lolordo gets visited by Joseph Aiello and one of his man when Lolordo’s wife leaves the room Pasquale gets killed by both men. In 1929, gangster Patsy Lolordo and his wife Aleina, lived here on the top floor of a three-story building that he owned at 1921 North Ave. On the afternoon of January 9, 1929 as Lolordo, a friend of Al Capone, entertained three men friends in the living room, Aleina, who was in the kitchen, heard shots. She rushed into the room and found Patsy lying dead before the fireplace with eleven bullets in him. The killers were later identified as James Clark, and Pete and Frank Gusenberg of the Moran gang.

The same day Unione leader Lolordo was shot and killed, the gangster Rocco Maggio was severely wounded when shot ( he had once been convicted of 12 August 1924 murder of Frank Lamachis ,30).

31 October 1929 was extortionist Rocco Maggio (33) shot and killed in his father in law’s grocery store

West side based William “Klondike” O’Donnell clash with George “Red” Barker

George “Red” Barker
3 September 1928 was garage attendant Albert Pratt (30) shot and killed

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch
George Red Barker went after the Coal teamsters and approached James "Lefty" Lynch who owned the Coal teamsters local 704. Lynch sat through Barker's speech and then tossed the hood out of his office

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch wounded
Early October 1928 Lynch went to his summer home with his family to Brown Lake outside Burlington, Wisconsin. Danny Stanton and Klondike O'Donnell, drove into the yard and parked. Klondike pulled out his pistol and shot Lynch through his leg. ??

??? According to Chicago police officers, the assailants, William Clifford and Michael Reilly (alias William Martin and Thomas Elliot) were muscle men preying on labor unionists and beer bosses. They gained control over the garage owners organization of Chicago and the Laundry Drivers union by shooting the two men in charge of the groups.

George “Red” Barker
27 October 1928 were George “Red” Barker, William Clifford and Michael Reilly arrested in San Francisco for the murder of Chicago garage attendant Albert Pratt

Capone’s union gangsters George "Red" Barker and Murray Humphreys
Leading Capone's assault on the labor unions was George "Red" Barker and Murray Humphreys.

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch
At the next meeting of the joint council, Red Barker and Murray Humphreys appeared at the door with a dozen heavily armed Capone torpedoes. Barker looked around the room and announced that he was now running the Coal Teamsters Chauffeurs and Helpers Union Local 704 and that everything would remain just the way Lynch had left it.

Theater Ushers union president George Red Barker
As a reward, Capone gave Barker control over the Ushers union.

prize fight promoter Walter George
George red Barker extorted prize fight promoter Walter George ????

16 November 1928 was John Clay (60) killed, he led the Chicago Laundry Drivers Local 712

15 March 1929 was William Vercoe killed by George William Clifford in the Pony Inn in Cicero

30 May 1929 was “Red” Barker friend Thomas McElligott (24) shot and killed.

30 May 1929 was also killed Dominick Coasta (Costa??)

5 September 1929 were gangsters Edward Wescott (23) and Frank “Cy” Cawley (27) found killed and both had nickels in their hands. They were friends of “Red” Barker

George “Red” Barker
A good friend of his is Jack “three fingered” White


Yellow cab company owner John Hertz retires
Jan. 8, 1929 (AP) John Hertz has retired from the chairmanship of the Yellow Cab company board yesterday was accompanied by announcement that his control of that organization had been sold to another one time newsboy — Charles A. McCullough, president of the Parmelee Transfer company.

John Hertz and Charles McCullough were longtime friends and business partners. Both were early investors in the Chicago-based Balaban and Katz movie theater chain

Manhattan-Dearborn Corp
in 1929 John Hertz and Charles McCullough had helped form the Manhattan-Dearborn Corp., a real estate investment firm. Journalist Herbert Bayard Swope was the sole Manhattan-based representative of the firm, whose other Chicago-based directors included McCulloch, Hertz, ad man Albert Davis Lasker, Chicago Cubs owner William Wrigley Jr., and Balaban and Katz’ chairman Herbert L. Stern. Unfortunately its creation was ill-timed and between 1929 and the end of 1932 Manhattan-Dearborn's investors lost $11,000,000.

Balaban and Katz was absorbed by Famous Players-Lasky in 1926 the resulting firm being reorganized as Famous Players-Lasky. In 1927 it was renamed Paramount-Famous Lasky Corp. and after a 1930 merger with the Publix theater chain, Paramount-Publix Corp.

As Hertz was a major shareholder in both firms, he spearheaded a Lehman Brothers-backed reorganization of the movie studio as Paramount Pictures in 1931, serving as Lehman’s representative on the Paramount board. As chairman of Paramount’s finance committee Hertz succeeded in reducing costs by streamlining distribution, cutting salaries and cutting back on production. Apparently Hertz was not in tune with the movie-going public and Paramount’s revenues declined forcing him to resign his position just prior to the firm’s 1933 receivership.

Former Yellow cab company owner John Hertz
Luckily Hertz had invested his money in several other firms, one of which was Lehman Brothers, the Wall Street Investment banker. Robert Lehman sold a minority share in his family’s firm to Hertz soon after General Motors had acquired a controlling interest in Yellow Cab.

Former Yellow cab company owner John Hertz
Hertz remained a Lehman Brothers partner until his death and was instrumental in the firm’s sponsorship of Hertz Rent-a-Car’s IPO in the mid 50s. Prior to that time Hertz had been privately owned by the Omnibus Corporation another Hertz-controlled firm which had purchased the company from General Motors in 1953.


Quinlan men at war with Stanton?? West side beer distributors
Stanton man Raymond “Ray” Cassidy (30) was shot and killed 23 March 1929 in front of his brother’s saloon at 5215 South Halsted Street.

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan attacked
4 April 1929 was Quinlan (his brother in law is Jimmy Burns) shot at but it was his chauffeur “Mushy” McCormick who was wounded

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
Quinlan man and bootlegger Frank “Red” Krueger (45) was shot and killed 5 April 1929

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
13 April 1929 were William Clifford and ¬¬¬Michael Reilly shot and killed in Cicero. They worked for Quinlan??

George Maloney
6 July 1929 was George Maloney shot and wounded

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
Quinlan his brother in law Jimmy Burns was shot and killed 31 august 1929

George Maloney dies
6 May 1930 died George Maloney (38) of pneumonia


Checker Cab Co president Robert “Bob” McLaughlin
30 January 1930 were Barney Mitchell (34 and the newly re-elected Treasurer of the Checker Cab Co.) and Glen Jackson, a Checker chauffeur, shot to death with shotguns, while the latter was driving Mitchell home, south in Ridge Blvd., at Farwell Ave., from 1623 Lunt Ave., the home of Robert “Bob” McLaughlin, president of the Checker Cab Co. They were fired upon by some unknown persons in another machine which evidently had trailed them from the McLaughlin place.


Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
28 January 1930 Frank McErlane gets shot down on the street, he was wounded and brought to a hospital. Police suspect he was shot by John “Dingbat” O’Berta

Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
24 February 1930 there is an other attack at Frank McErlane while he still lays in hospital. Two men entered and drew revolvers, McErlane drew also a revolver and shot back, the would be assassins drew back and McErlane survives. The attackers left a gun traced to Sam Malaga

Chicago racketeer Saltis
5 March 1930 Saltis top killer John Dingbat O’Berta was killed with his chauffeur Sam Malaga in his car. O’Berta’s wife became for the second time widow, her first husband had been “Big” Tim Murphy.

Earl “Big Herb” Herbert
10 July 1930 was Thomas Bonner (45) shot and killed by Earl “Big Herb” Herbert


the Chicago Crime Commission released a list of "public enemies" and put Al Capone at the top. As the Tribune reported in April 1930, "Twenty-eight men were labeled 'public enemies' yesterday by the Chicago Crime Commission, which asked Police Commissioner Russell and other enforcement officials to 'treat them accordingly.'"

Chicago public enemy # 1 Alphonse Capone
Chicago public enemy # 2 Tony “Mops” Volpe
Chicago public enemy # 3 Ralph Capone
Chicago public enemy # 4 Frank Rio
Chicago public enemy # 5 Jack De Mora “Machinegun Jack McGurn”
Chicago public enemy # 6 James Belcastro
Chicago public enemy # 7 Rocco Fannella
Chicago public enemy # 8 Lawrence “Dago” Mangano
Chicago public enemy # 9 Jack Zuta
Chicago public enemy # 10 Jack Gusick
Chicago public enemy # 11 Frank Diamond (Maritote??)
Chicago public enemy # 12 George “Bugs” Moran
Chicago public enemy # 13 Joe Aiello
Chicago public enemy # 14 Edward “Spike” O’Donnell
Chicago public enemy # 15 Joe Saltis
Chicago public enemy # 16 Frank McErlane
Chicago public enemy # 17 Vincent McErlane
Chicago public enemy # 18 William Niemoth
Chicago public enemy # 19 Danny Stanton
Chicago public enemy # 20 Myles O’Donnell
Chicago public enemy # 21 Frank Lake
Chicago public enemy # 22 Terry Druggan
Chicago public enemy # 23 William “Klondike” O’Donnell
Chicago public enemy # 24 George “Red” Barker
Chicago public enemy # 25 William “Three fingered Jack” White
Chicago public enemy # 26 Joseph “Peppy” Genero
Chicago public enemy # 27 Leo Mongoven
Chicago public enemy # 28 James “Fur” Sammons

Aiello and Moran fought Druggan (Capone ally)??

Brothers Terry Druggan and George Druggan
Terry Druggan friend Joe Blue (from New York) was killed in April 1930?? by the Aiello brothers and this started the war??

Sam “Golf Bag” Hunt
28 may 1930 Sam “Golf bag” Hunt was arrested with a discharged shotgun in his golf bag, the intended victim escaped and was never identified but is thought to have been Moran man and Chicago public enemy Leo Mongoven who probably had been hiding in the building.

Sam “Golf Bag” Hunt
There is a police lineup picture of Sam “golf bag” Hunt, Anthony ”Joe batters” Accardo, Daniel Covico and Rocco “gumballs” DeGrazia.

Sam “Golf Bag” Hunt
Murray Humphrey’s bodyguard Ralph Pierce is a pal of Sam golf bag hunt

Aiello man Peter Plescia killed
31 May 1930 was Aiello man Peter Plescia (40) shot and killed

Chicago racketeers Druggan Lake hit capo mafia Aiello
31 May 1930 was former Genna man Felipe ”Philip” Gnolfo aka Abatte (41) shot and killed in a car while wounded were (William Carnedo or Carnodo) Carmi Guelvi (from Toledo) and Joseph Fiannaca (Fianca) (from Rochester). Unharmed was James Genna of the surviving Genna brothers and he fled to Calumet City. ?? Gnolfo aka Abatte and fleeing of Genna to Calumet City because of connection with Calumet City based Agrusa aka Abatte??

Gnolfo himself had been a suspect in 1915 for murder. ?????

Gnolfo had been a pall bearer at the funeral of Angelo Genna

Fox Lake (Lake County) based Mineola Hotel
Capone was known to hang around regularly at the Mineola Hotel at Fox Lake.

Fox Lake (Lake County) based Manning Hotel massacre
1 June 1930 were Druggan- Lake gang member Joseph Bertsche (the brother of Barney Bertsche), Klondike O’Donnel gang member Michael Quirk (racketeer), George Druggan (the brother of Terry Druggan), Capone gangster Sam Pellar (Peller) and mrs Vivian Ponic McGinnis at the Manning Hotel when they were suddenly shot at. Peller, Quirk and Bertsche die.

??????????????? Shooters were Verne Miller and George “machinegun” Kelly. Miller organized the hit because he believed the men were responsible for the disappearance of Eugene “red” McLaughlin a friend of Verne Miller.

3 June 1930 were Aiello’s men Samuel Monistero (Monstero) and Joseph Ferrari (26) shot and killed and Tony Tornatore wounded

Police round then up 200 known criminals for questioning among whom the Chicago public enemies Jack McGurn, James Belcastro and Rocco Fanelli.

capo mafia Aiello hits racketeers Druggan Lake
Joseph Aiello's men kill Eugene ¬¬¬¬McLaughlin. He was a member of the Druggan Lake gang, his body was found 7 June 1930 but he had been killed before 31 May.

Chicago racketeers Druggan Lake hit capo mafia Aiello
3 June 1930 Aiello’s man Thomas Somnerio (32) gets strangled. Believed to have been tortured to reveal what he knew about the Fox Lake murders. Somnerio had been tried and acquitted of the election day 1928 murder of Octavius Granady

capo mafia Aiello hits racketeers Druggan Lake
8 June 1930 Druggan Lake man Frank R Thompson was found severely wounded, he dies 23 June.

20 June 1930 was in Chicago gangster Capone ally Lorenzo Juliano beaten to death. Once a witness against him had committed suicide. Juliano had also been a suspect in the murder of Giuseppe "Diamond Joe" Esposito

Chicago racketeers Druggan Lake hit capo mafia Aiello
23 July 1930 was Aiello man Peter “ashcan” Inserio (Inserra) (42) shot at his soda fountain shop.


Springfield family Zito
Joseph Zito's brothers had settled in Springfield and his brother Frank Zito was later arrested at Appalachin and became the boss of Springfield. Supposedly in 1923 Joseph Zito arrived in the US from Palermo where he was born.

Rockford Southwest side based Little Italy boss Antonio "Tony" Musso, underboss Jasper Calo
In the 1920ties Joseph Zito "Diamond Joe" came to Rockford from Springfield during Prohibition along with his brother in law Jasper Calo where they owned Sunlite Dairy.

Rockford murder case Joe Giovingo
In August 1930 Joe Giovingo (32) was shot and killed.

St Louis capo Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa

St Louis greenies (green ones) boss Frank Agrusa
12 July 1930 was in St Louis Sam Scorfina a grocer at Carr street kidnapped , he escaped later. for the kidnapping of St Louis grocer Sam Scorfina arrested Frank Agrusa, Vito Impastato, Soria Mantia, Baptista Bommarito, Mike Lombardo and Carl Fiorita.

St Louis arrests
Matt Manzello (30) was 12 September 1930 arrested as a witness of the murder of Charles Palmisano the wealthy president of the M. Longo Fruit Co. who was shot and killed 10 november 1927 as he stood in his doorway. That same night were Samuel and Robert Aiello murdered in Springfield, they were brothers of Tony Aiello of St Louis a brother in law of Willie Russo. Police said Matt Manzello knew about these murders and the earlier murder of Joseph Consiglio who was shot and killed in an automobile. His arrest was followed by the arrest of Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa, Joseph Vitale, Michael Russo and Frank Russo (cousins of Willie Russo), Leo Palmisano (from Kansas City), James Palmisano (from Kansas City) and Frank Palmisano (from Kansas City), Richard Victorino (from Kansas City), Carl Orlamdo (from Kansas City) and Samuel Calatrino (from Kansas City),

St Louis capo Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa
"Greenie" Frank Agrusa his green ones would merge with Frank Coppola's group after the war, they became allies and divided the area.

Aiello and Moran fought Druggan (Capone ally)??

Chicago racketeers Druggan Lake hit capo mafia Aiello
13 September 1930 was Aiello bodyguard Angelo Spano aka Jack Costa (29) shot and killed.

CAPONE HIT MAN MCGURN murders Chicago based Unione Siciliana president Joseph Aiello
Joseph Aiello (39) was shot to death 23 October 1930 at the orders of Masseria supporter Capone when he leaves the home of his capo Pasquale Prestigiocomo, this is important because Aiello is one of maranzano’s biggest financiers. He died after being hit with 59 slugs. A train ticket to Brownsville, Texas was found in his pocket. Suspect is Jack McGurn

Chicago based Unione Siciliana president Agostino LoVerdo
Capone had regained control of the Unione Siciliana, appointing Agostino LoVerdo as president. But the Unione soon lost its use.

Rudolph Marino and his brother Sam Marino aka Girolamo Tomasulo
11 December 1930 was Marco Magnabosco (38) shot and killed in his home at second floor of 11354 Langley avenue by two men (Rudolph Marino and his brother Sam Marino aka Girolamo Tomasulo). Magnabosco had been a witness against some extortionists. Magnabosco was thought by police to be a member of a south side alcohol ring in Kensington

McGurn ?? Nickel murders??
12 December 1930 were Rudolph Marino and his brother Sam Marino aka Girolamo Tomasulo found with each a nickel in his pocket (they were identified then by Magnabosco’s daughter, 9, as the killers of her father).

Angelo La Mantia
23 May 1931 was Frank Aiello (35) shot and killed in his house. Angelo La Mantia was charged with the murder.
Frank Aiello’s brother in laws Anthony La Mantia and Angelo La Mantia

Angelo La Mantia
15 October 1931 was Angelo La Mantia indicted with 3 others for the slaying of two gangsters in Pittsburgh. Philip Spaldino (from Pittsburgh) was indicted for the murder of Antonio Argento who was strangled and burned near Turtle Creek. Cimo Romano aka Anthony La Mantia and Angelo La Mantia were indicted in the murder of Morris Curran who was shot to death 24 June 1931.

Angelo La Mantia aka Joseph Rizzo
Angelo La Mantia aka Joseph Rizzo was arrested in October 1939 in Philadelphia for a robbery in Camden (NJ).

Moran ally Jack Zuta
Capone’s men try 1 July 1930 to kill pimp Jack Zuta, he survives but bystander Elbert Lusader dies.

Moran ally Jack Zuta killed
Zuta was hiding out at the Lake View Hotel on the shores of Lake Nemahbin, a summer resort near Delafield, Wisconsin. 1 August 1930 was Jack Zuta shot and killed by 5 men, police find at his body important incriminating papers. Accardo is strongly suspected of having been the trigger man behind the Jake Zuta murder. Also Accardo's friend Lawrence "Dago" Mangano was a suspect in the Zuta murder.

A golfbag is found along with some shotgun shells in the woods near Delafield and police immediately suspect Sam “golfbag” hunt in the Zuta murder.

Union racketeer Danny Stanton and his chauffeur Edgar Smith were picked up sitting in a car, a pistol in a side pocket beside Stanton was found and examined by Calvin Goddard who found out it was a pistol used in the Zuta murder. Union racketeer Danny Stanton was wanted in Waukesha for the murder of Jack Zuta, because his gun had been used in the murder (found out by Calvin Goddard).

Henry Finkelstein suspect in the murder of jack Zuta

Moran ally Julian "Potatoes" Kaufman flees from Chicago
Julian "Potatoes" Kaufman fled to New York and fell under the paid protection of Vincent Alo aka Jimmy Blue Eyes.

Danny Stanton bodyguard Edgar Smith killed
15 July 1931 was Danny Stanton bodyguard Edgar Smith shot and killed (he was also implicated in the Zuta murder). 15 July 1931 was jack Zuta murder suspect Edgar Smith killed and police search Danny Stanton

Former Ragen’s Colts leader Ralph Sheldon
8 February 1932 was Los Angeles and Agua Caliente betting commissioner Zeke Caress and his wife kidnapped. Police arrest Former Ragen’s Colts leader Ralph Sheldon, Louis Frank, Jesse Orsatti, Joseph Baillie (Bailly?), Ray Wagner and the witness James Gatewood aka Jimmy Doolen. 26 February 1934 also surrendered Les Bruneman to the Los Angeles police. Caress was Bruneman his former employer and friend


Calumet City based mobster Joseph Annerino aka Joseph “Peppy” Genero (Genaro)
In December 1930 was Joseph “Peppy” Genero shortly arrested

James “Jimmy” Belcastro wounded
11 January 1931 James “Jimmy” Belcastro the king of bombers was five times shot and wounded, he survives the attack by Capone’s men.

Calumet City based mobster Joseph Annerino aka Joseph “Peppy” Genero (Genaro)
24 March 1931 Capone’s capo Johnny Genaro was shot and wounded in his car, his chauffeur is Joseph Vince, possibly it was revenge for the ambush at Belcastro.

Roti Sr.
Roti Sr. (51) was by police suspected in the 1931 attack at Johnny Genero who was driving to his mother’s house with another man when his car was trapped by another car at 29th and Normal. Genero was shot in the head and survived. Police arrested Roti Sr. and 4 others including James “king of the bombers” Belcastro.

Belcastro was suspected in the 1928 murder of a political candidate and the operation of a bomb factory, he was acquitted in both.


21 April 1931 was Edward Fitzgerald killed

Spike O’Donnell man James Quigley escaped 13 May 1931 from an attack. Police speculate that Quigley was attacked as revenge of the earlier murder of Fitzgerald

that same day 13 May 1931 was killed the minor criminal Harry Hyter.

Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
On October 8, 1931, gangster Frank McErlane's car was found parked in front of a house at 8129 Phillips. In the back seat lay the body of his girlfriend Elfrieda Rigus aka Marion Miller. She had four bullets in her. At her feet lay the bodies of her two dogs. Both had been shot to death. A few blocks away in McErlane's bungalow at 7753 Bennett, police found the signs of a drunken party. He surrendered ten weeks later, but was released for want of sufficient evidence.

Spike O’Donnell man James “Daffy” Quigley was killed 12 october 1931

Frank McErlane (38) died 8 October 1932

Chicago’s South side based Saltis McErlane gang
McErlane was officially suspected of the murders of his common law wife Elfrieda Rigus aka Marion Miller, John “Dingbat” O’Berta, Sam Malaga, Spot Bucher, George Meegham, William Dickman, James Quigley, Thaddeus Fancher, Frank Cochrane.

McErlane man Mike McGovern

Grover Dullard North Side gambling boss

SPRINGFIELD invasion by St Louis capo Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa

Springfield invasion by St Louis capo Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa
St Louis capo Frank Agrusa invaded Springfield and there were at least 5 murders and a car bombing

28 December 1931 was gambler Charles Dawson (originally from St Louis) shot and killed in Springfield which had been invaded by Vito Impastato and Frank Agruso

Springfield boss Frank Zito
Zito went to prison in March 1933 and was released in September 1934 with him were 15 of his men convicted under whom Vincent Salvo. In the 1930ties Zito's top capo was Vincent Salvo.

Springfield boss Zito
In later years worked for Zito also Ernest "Buster" Dinora (born 20 January 1907 in Scranton and died 19 September 1994), Michael Fortune, Matt Manzella and Thomas Jinuzzo. Manzella probably first worked for Agrusa but then joined Zito.

Chicago femme fatale Mary Margaret Collins

Eugene “Red” McLaughlin girlfriend Mary Margaret Collins

Sammy Katz girlfriend Mary Margaret Collins
17 June 1932 Sammy Katz, Frank Rogers and Harold Partner try to extort gambler Morris Schachter but he had warned police and police killed the three in a fire fight

Davey bates girlfriend Mary Margaret Collins

Gus Winkler girlfriend Mary Margaret Collins

Sol “Bulldog” Feldman girlfriend Mary Margaret Collins
29 november 1933 Sol Feldman was shot and severely wounded when he robbed a shop

Mary Margaret Collins
Collins was arrested 23 January 1940 with Anna Williams (58 and died in February 1940) for the theft of two fur coats

Mary Margaret Collins
Collins was arrested in August 1940 for heroin

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan- Danny McGeoghegan at war with South side Spike O’Donnell

“Spike” O’Donnell
the Quinlan - Danny McGeoghegan gang machine gunned 26 June 1931 spike O’Donnell’s home.

Spike O’Donnell man Joe Cainski (Gainski)

“Spike” O’Donnell
Charles O’Donnell (brother of “Spike” O’Donnell) was machine gunned by George Downes and Walter Zwolinski of the Quinlan- Danny McGeoghegan gang. Charles died almost a month later from gangrene in march 1932.

“Spike” O’Donnell
13 May 1932 was Walter Zwolinski shot and killed

John Walsh aka Danny McGeoghegan imprisoned
John Walsh aka Danny McGeoghegan of Tampa , Florida

Others riding the car as it advanced toward the bank were two brothers, Leonard and Jack Patrick. They were alleged participants in the robbery of the University State Bank of Chicago , in which cashier Carlson J. White was slain.

Another gangster among the 26 May 1933 Culver Bank invaders was Emmett Kearns, aka Eddie Murphy, wanted in Chicago on charge of murdering Arthur Johnson in December 1932.

The 'sextet was completed by the presence of Walter Grabowski, also eagerly sought by Chicago authorities.

22 march 1950 was Edward Murphy aka Emmet Kearns (48) shot and killed. He had been a member of the Danny McGeoghegan gang during prohibition and he and Danny McGeoghegan were sentenced to serve 25 years for the robbery on 29 May 1933 of the State Exchange Bank of Culver. Murphy was paroled 11 November 1944

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (35) killed
Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (35) was shot and killed 20 July 1934 in a café where he sat with his partner Thomas McLaughlin. Quinlan had been an ally of the Saltis mcErlane group


Roti Sr.
Rotis Sr.’s daughter Catherine married in 1934 Frank “skid” Caruso.

Calumet City based mobster Paolo Palazzolo killed
4 April 1935 was Paolo Palazzolo shot and killed in front of the home of his brother in law. Probably was behind this murder the Agrusa Impastato group who took over calumet City

Phil Bacino ran John’s Pizzeria
3 October 1935 Phil Bacino shot and killed John Nickels the owner of the Town Club in Calumet City

Calumet City based mobster Joseph Annerino aka Joseph “Peppy” Genero (Genaro) killed
Joseph Annerino aka Joseph “Peppy” Genero (Genaro) was Chicago public enemy # 26 and a Capone capo of the Calumet district of Chicago and the areas of Calumet City and Riverdale. Joseph Annerino “Genero” was killed 19 December 1935

Calumet City police chief Edward Gilmore

Chicago politicians

Chicago politicians
State Representatives Joseph Perina, Charles Cioa, Michael Durso (served from 1923 till 1933), Aldermen A.J.. Prignano and William Pacelli, City Sealer Daniel Serritella

Albert J. Prignano aka "Al" Prignano
member of IL House (17th Dist.), 1935 (elected 1934)

Jack McGurn supported 20th ward politician Albert Prignano who was an adversary for 21th ward politician William Pacelli who was supported by Frank Nitti. Frank Nitti had then kill his men 29 December 1935 Prignano

Albert J. Prignano aka "Al" Prignano
upon returning from a family holiday party (accompanied by his wife, mother-in-law, 8-year-old son, and driver), he was shot to death in the doorway of his Chicago home by 3 gunmen on December 29, 1935. The murder was believed to be connected with Prignano's feud with mobster Frank Nitti over Prignano's post as 20th Ward Democratic committeeman in Cook County

Albert J. Prignano aka "Al" Prignano
Prignano was also alleged to be involved with gambling rackets.

Jack McGurn killed
McGurn was assassinated by three men using machine guns on February 15, 1936, the seventh anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day massacre. He was bowling at the second-floor Avenue Recreation Bowling Alley, at 805 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The killers tossed a Valentine card with this poem near to his body: "You've lost your job, you've lost your dough, Your jewels and cars and handsome houses, But things could still be worse you know... At least you haven't lost your trousers!".

William “Smokes” Aloisio owned the bowling alley where Jack McGurn was killed and one of his employees there was Tony Mascarella

Jack McGurn half brother Anthony De Mory killed
On March 2, 1936, McGurn's half-brother, Anthony De Mory, was killed in a manner similar to McGurn. De Mory, was shot by three masked men in a Chicago pool hall. Police linked the assassination to McGurn's slaying

John M. Bolton
Bolton was connected to gambling rackets as well; his brother Joseph "Red" Bolton was an ex-con and prohibition-era gangster.

John M. Bolton
John Bolton was also an adversary of Nitti and Adduci (in addition to former Al Capone bodyguard Louis "Little New York" Campagna).

John M. Bolton
Born in Chicago, 10/5/1901; member of IL House (2nd Dist.) as of 1936; Democrat.

John M. Bolton
Just past midnight in the early morning hours of July 9, 1936, while driving home in Chicago, he found himself pursued by another car and attempted to outrun them; the other car caught up on his left, whereupon its passengers opened fire, blowing off Bolton's head with shotgun blasts from a range within 5 feet; Bolton's car crashed on a nearby corner.

James J. Adduci (IL House - 2nd) believed to be front for the Capone gang
Frank Nitti, state representative James J Adduci and Louis “little new York” Campagna were under investigation after the 4 july 1936 murder of States representative John M Bolton.

James J. Adduci
On July 10, 1936, the Chicago press carried an article to the effect that Frank Nitti, State Representative James J. Adduci, and Louis "Little New York" Campagna had been placed under police surveillance. The three named were under investigation following the murder of State Representative John M. Bolton

James J. Adduci
Adduci was a good friend of 'Dago Lawrence' Mangano and Willie Bioff

James J. Adduci
serving his first term in Springfield as a Republican from [2nd Dist.]")

First Ward Republican committeeman Daniel Serritella in 1936

20th Ward Republican committeeman William Pacelli in 1936

20th Ward Democratic committeeman Carmen Vacco in 1936

25th Ward Republican committeeman William Parillo in 1936

26th Ward Republican committeeman James Vignola in 1936

28th Ward Republican committeeman Joseph Porcaro in 1936 (West side boss)

Washington Congressman William “Billy” Parrillo
Capone's lawyer and later representative in Washington Congressman William “Billy” Parrillo (his son is Donald Parrillo)

Chicago mayor Kelly
In 1939 mayor Kelly was rechosen

June 1941 murder of Charles “Cutie” Bailey


In 1931 Joseph Zammuto was charged with carrying a weapon, he was an associate of Joseph Aiuppa and Frank Balistrieri.

Rockford Southwest side based Little Italy boss Antonio "Tony" Musso, underboss Jasper Calo
Antonio "Tony" Musso was send to Rockford by Capone and 11 February 1933 Paul Giovingo was killed in Rockford and Musso is the boss.

21 December 1937 was Rockford gambling boss Charles Kalb shot and killed by men of the boss Musso. Suspected shooter was Giorgio Saladino

Calumet City based mobster Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa

Calumet City based mobster Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa
The Chicago Mobs gangster in charge of Calumet City, Illinois, was Frankie Abatte aka Agrusa who lived peacefully at 672 Douglas Avenue in Calumet with his daughters and wife Patricia Clarke.

Calumet City based mobster Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa
Abatte went on to supervising the Oak Lawn racing track where he also kept horses.

St Louis boss Vitale war with Springfield boss Zito
John Vitale's St Louis family got into war in the early 40ties with Frank Zito's Springfield family for territory in Southern Illinois.

Calumet City based mobster Frank Abatte aka Frank Agrusa killed
Frank Abatte was killed with a bullet in the face. His nude dead body on the side of a road in Hot Springs Arkansas April 22, 1944. Probably killed by Frank "one ear" Fratto from Chicago's Des Moines, because he had moved into Zito’s Springfield territory. After which Frank "one ear" Fratto was made, Fratto was even picked up at the time.

Calumet City
Following the murder of Abbatte and his associates the new bosses became Phil Bacino and the brothers Miceli (Micheli aka Mitchell)

Calumet city based the Owl Club with owners Frank Laporte and Accardo. Club manager was John Perry and gambling manager was Jim Montella

Calumet City clubs
The 21 Club with above it Follies Bergere, both owned by Joseph May
The Play House
The Show Club

Calumet city
Gus Winkler and friend Bob Carey were in Calumet City where they met gangster friends

In 1953 Stanley Bejger was elected mayor of Calumet City ( he was the son in law of former mayor John Jaranowski)

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