Camorra: The Clans of Naples and Campania



Camorra Mafia boss Raffaele Mauriello
Camorra boss Michele Zaza
Camorra drug boss Raffaele Imperiale (arrested - extradited)
Camorra boss Pasquale Sibillo
Camorra boss Pasquale Scotti
Aldo Gionta
Augusto La Torre
Maria Licciardi


“All that blood” – Driver for Italian Mafia boss turns out to be serial killer
Fugitive Camorra drug boss Raffaele Imperiale extradited from Dubai to Italy
Members of Casalesi Camorra clan busted in €100 million money laundering scheme
Camorra Mafia boss Raffaele Imperiale arrested in Dubai
Camorra Godmother Maria Licciardi arrested at Rome airport
Religious paintings donated by infamous Camorra Mafia boss ordered removed by Naples archbishop
Camorra Mafia takes advantage of opportunities created by COVID-19
Nigerian Mafia in Italy now “on the same level” as the Camorra, police say
IN PICTURES: Scampia neighborhood made famous by TV series Gomorra to be demolished
Camorra boss Marco Di Lauro’s days as a fugitive come to an end
Camorra boss Antonio La Torre charged with plotting murder of prosecutors
Thief tells how he sold two stolen Van Gogh paintings to Camorra
Camorra still possesses stolen Rembrandt, art hunters say
Italian police bust drug trafficking Camorra clan and retrieve stolen Van Gogh paintings worth $100 million
Mafia Math: Calculating Italian organized crime’s illicit income
Tourists ‘evicted’ from Camorra Mafia villa they rented for summer vacation
Italian police continue crackdown on Camorra in Naples
Camorra mobster gets life in prison for murder of drug dealer
Camorra’s "sistema" rules supreme in corrupt Italy
Puparo's History of the Camorra
New death threat against crime author Roberto Saviano
The Casalesi Clan of the Camorra


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