Camorra Fueds

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Quindici (Avellino province) camorra family Cava
Salvatore Cava (killed in 1994) and his sons Biagio Cava (his daughters Felicia Cava and Clarissa Cava who was killed 26 may 2002), Salvatore Cava (his wife Maria Scibelli who was killed 26 may 2002) and their sister Michelina Cava (killed 26 may 2002)

Quindici (Avellino province) mayor and camorraboss Fiore Graziano “Ciure ‘e bomba” killed
In 1960 became camorraboss Fiore Graziano mayor of Quindici. 8 September 1972 was Quindici mayor Fiore Graziano shot dead by a Cava man while he was watching a soccer match on television. From now on the Graziano and Cava families have a feud.

Quindici (Avellino province) murdercase Cava camoristi Francesco Grasso “Cicciobacco”
Three months later (in december 1972?) the Graziano family killed Cava man Francesco Grasso “Cicciobacco”.
Police arrest Fiore Graziano’s brother Raffaele Graziano who was spoken free in 1975.

Quindici (Avellino province) camorrafamily Graziano
Salvatore Graziano and Raffaele Graziano.

Springfield (Masachusetts)
In september 1984 was in Springfield (Masachusetts) arrested Antonio “Tony”Manzi (of 37 Somerset Street), he worked for Raffaele Cutolo

Springfield (Masachusetts)
Cocainedealer Enrico Madonna (using the alias Bruno Sica and also working for Cutolo) used the same 37 Somerset Street address in Springfield and was seen meeting Colombo members and was arrested In march 1987

Springfield (Masachusetts)
Shortly after the arrest of Enrico Madonna was also alleged hitman Biagio cava arrested in Springfield as an illegal alien

21 november 1991 was Eugenio Graziano killed (he was the son of Luigi Salvatore Graziano and Chiara Manzi and their other son is Antonio Graziano “o sanguinario”) with Vincenzo Graziano and Gaetano Santaniello who are the brother and the nephew of the later pentito “Feliciano”Graziano.

14 october 1995 was Salvatore Cava (75) killed, he was the father of Biagio Cava “ndondo”. Killers were ??pentito?? Felice Graziano and Antonio Graziano “o sanguinario”(brother of killed 21 november 1991 Eugenio Graziano)

28 april ??? was Giuseppe Fabi killed when he drove a motor and was Biagio Cava wounded. Suspected shooter was Eugenio Graziano

26 may 2002 were Clarissa Cava (16), Michelina Cava (51) and Maria Scibelli (51) shot and killed, they were respectively daughter, sister and sister in law of boss Biagio Cava. Police arrested 9 members of the Graziano clan under whom Alba Scibelli (41 and the wife of killed Eugenio Graziano), her mother-in-law Chiara Manzi (62) and Alba's two daughters Stefania Graziano, 19 and Chiara Graziano, 20.

??policemen?? Vincenzo Mazzocchi (61) was killed in august ????, his son Antonio Mazzocchi (his wife is Rosaria Graziano the daughter of Luigi Salvatore Graziano).

11 june 2004 were Francesco Graziano (nephew of Antonio Graziano) and Antonio Graziano (son in law of the son of Salvatore Luigi Graziano) killed.


9236997657?profile=originalGiugliano camorra family Mallardo
Domenico Mallardo (killed 2 august 1967 at the orders of the boss Alfredo Maisto) and his sons the boss Francesco “Ciccio” Mallardo (right) (born 1 april 1951 and married to married to Anna Aieta) and Giuseppe Mallardo (born 1953).

Giugliano camorra family Maisto
Camorraboss Alfredo Maisto and his sons Luigi Maisto (killed 21 october 1979), Enrico Maisto (lives in Vienna, Austria) and Antonio Maisto. Alfredo Maisto died 24 june 1976. Enrico Maisto was married with a daughter of Antonio Orlando (the brother of the mother of the Nuvoletta brothers) in making an alliance against their enemy Mallardo.

Gaetano Fidanzati and Corrado Iacolare arrested in Operation Seaport
21 Februari 1990 police arrest in Italy Vincenzo, Giuseppe, Raffaele and John Galatolo and Antonino Zacco and in Argentina Gaetano Fidanzati, Giuseppe Ciulla, the camorista Corrado Iacolare and the Calabrians Francesco Morabito (brother of calabrian drugboss Santo pasquale Morabito) and Sergio Carrio. Zacco is the most important heroin distiller of Alcamo. The Galatolo brothers are the bosses of Acquasanta, near Arenella is of the Fidanzati brothers. Fidanzati`s hasjbusiness in Europe gets taken over by the Spadaro- Boccafusco cosca.

So were the brothers Antonio and Enrico Maisto killed.

Giugliano camorrafamily Mallardo
Their cousin Feliciano Mallardo was according to pentito Pasquale Galasso killed by Alfredo Maisto and his sons Luigi, Enrico and Antonio Maisto, their family member Iacolare and Claudio Sicilia. Later as revenge his sons would have killed Luigi Maisto and wounded Enrico Maisto. 24 march 2003 had Errico Maisto (34) a traffic incident and dies in april, his father was the brother of Giuglinao boss Alfredo Maisto.

Qualiano based D’Alterio – Pianese families????
Feliciano Mallardo’s brother in laws the brothers Pietro D’Alterio, Luigi D’Alterio and Francesco D’Alterio the socalled “I piripicci”were killed 4 june 1991 in an internal clan cleansing

Domenico D’Alterio “o mucione”
Bruno D’Alterio “o guercio”

Nicola Pianese “o mussuto” worked first for NCO and Pietro Nappo , after Pietro Nappo (40) was killed 14 november 1990 he became the boss

Qualiano based D’Alterio – Pianese families????
1 november 1985 was entrepreneur Antonio D’Alterio (50) shot and killed in Mugnano

8 august 2007 was killed in Mugnano the man Giuseppe D’Alterio (57)

Melito camorrafamily Maisto
Andrea Maisto (died in 2001 from cancer) and his widow Patrizia Cimmino and their son Stefano Maisto (killed 10 november 2004). Andrea Maisto’s brother had as son Andrea Maisto. 21 february 2001 was in Melito (Na) Andrea Maisto (17) shot and killed in a bar in Melito when two helmed bikers stepped in, they fled by motor.

boss Andrea Maisto (nephew of Francesco Maisto who was arrested for drugs and was the brother in law of Melito’s mayor Alfredo Cicala who served from 1990 to 1993).
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