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A British career criminal was shot in the head and left for dead on the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Saturday night. 55-year-old Allan P. (his last name has not been released by Dutch authorities) was seriously injured and is currently in the hospital.

The attempted hit occurred around 23:30 p.m. While P. was walking on the Stromarkt, an unknown assassin wearing a dark sweater with a hoody aimed a gun at his head and fired one bullet. P. then crumpled to the ground where he was found in a pool of his own blood by passersby.

Though a British citizen, P. has resided in the Netherlands since 1979 and has had frequent run ins with law enforcement. He was convicted of several drug and gun offenses and spent two months in prison after showing a fake South African passport to a Dutch police officer.

In 2015, he was charged in the notorious case targeting One2Spy, a shop in Amsterdam where one could buy hidden cameras, bugs, GPS-tracers, encrypted mobile phones and the like. In this case “the like” also meant guns. P. was charged with showing a firearm to two British undercover agents who were investigating the spy shop. He was acquitted in court after prosecutors were unable to prove the gun functioned properly.

It is unknown why he was the target of a hit and police are still searching for the gunman.

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