Profile of Scottish crime boss Stewart Boyd

By David Amoruso
Posted in 2004

Stewart "Specky" Boyd was born in 1963. He got the nickname Specky because of his glasses. Boyd controlled his criminal business from the Royal Oak pub in Nitshill, Glasgow. From here scores and murders were planned. Boyd was a well connected criminal. He had close business relationships with drug lord John Healy who in turn was a close associate and brother in law of crime boss Tam McGraw. Boyd also worked with an ex cop turned gangster and top security firm boss Paul Johnston. In the late 1990s Boyd was charged with the murder of fellow gangster Mark Rennie, in 1997 he was cleared of that murder and with his acquittal he acquired an image that he was untouchable. In 1998 John Healy was convicted of smuggling drugs and sent to prison. Healy appointed Boyd to take care of his interests while he was away. Boyd had hit the big time.

In 2000 Boyd was contacted by Lewis "Scooby" Rodden to intimidate the main witness at his trial. Rodden was charged with extorting and terrorising a legit security firm rival of his. Boyd made a crucial error, he walked into the witness room failing to see the C.C.T. camera fixed high on the corner of the room with it`s lense taking in the entire witnessroom. He spotted main witness John Jeffrey and in full view of the camera said "Don't ID that fella or things will happen to you". Jeffrey replied: "Things better not", to which Boyd retorted: "After this case, we'll do you." The threat fell on deaf-ears and John Jeffrey testified. Lewis Rodden meantime was acquitted the verdict was "not proven". Boyd`s intimidation of Jeffrey wasn't needed. This only angered Boyd more, he had put himself in the front line of this trial for no reason. Boyd hit back at Jeffrey soon after in October of 2000 the house of Jeffrey was sprayed with bullets. Jeffrey survived the shooting and to make matters worse the combination of the camera material at the trial and the witnesses in the witness room made the cops issue a warrant for Boyd's arrest.

Boyd managed to evade the police by traveling between Scotland and Spain but after six months the cops caught up with him. They arrested him in the Highland holiday town of Aviemore. Boyd was charged with intimidating a witness and in July 2001 pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Once he got out he resumed taking care of his shady business. He spent more and more time in Spain. In Spain he was close to Paul Johnston and also could keep in contact with Healy's drugcontacts. Whatever Boyd did in Spain one thing is for sure he was living the life of a king. His favorite haunts were an elite Hugo Boss boutique in Puerto Benus and exclusive restaurants west of Marbella.

In June 2003 Boyd drove to Malaga airport with his daughter and the daughter of his girlfriend to collect a friend of his daughter who was arriving from Scotland for a summer break. On the way back to Marbella, shortly after they left the airport Boyd's Audi TT crossed the central reservation of the A7 on the way to Torremolinos and collided with a BMW 525 coming from the other direction. After the crash Boyd's Audi TT consumed into a fireball. All the occupants of the Audi TT died. Two of the occupants of the car with which Boyd collided died on the spot.

After Boyd's death several things came out. For one that Boyd was at the centre of a massive drugs surveillance operation by the National Crime Intelligence Service in the days before his death. An N.C.I.S. source said: "We were well aware of who he was and his involvement in drugs and organised crime. He was the subject of our attention in the days before he died." Other things that came out were rumors about how he had died. That it might not have been an accident but a cold blooded gangland killing instead. One of the rumors was that Boyd had done business with the Russian Mafia and had failed to pay them for a £2.5 million shipment of cocaine thus resulting in the hit.

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