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Two alleged members of the New England Family of La Cosa Nostra were sentenced in U.S. District Court in Boston on Monday in connection with extortion. Anthony Spagnolo (74) - photo above - was sentenced to 20 months in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $5,000. Earlier, in the same case, Pryce Quintina (76) was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Both men pleaded guilty to conspiring to interfere with interstate commerce by extortion in December of last year. According to prosecutors, in November 2012, a social club in Revere named the Moose Lodge wanted to replace its existing video poker machines, supplied by Constitution Vending Company, with new video poker machines. 

There was, however, a problem. Constitution paid Spagnolo and Quintina to protect their video poker machines in social clubs, including the Moose Lodge. If the Moose Lodge intended to replace Constitution’s aging machines with new ones they would decrease Constitution’s profits and potentially cause Spagnolo and Quintina to receive less protection money.

Fuggedaboutit! Spagnolo and Quintina thought, as they quickly sprang into action. They met with the manager of the Moose Lodge and told him that Constitution’s machines “were not going anywhere.” The manager knew both men and their reputation. He knew they were part of the Boston mob. After their visit, he decided not to replace those machines.

The case was part of a multi-year investigation into La Cosa Nostra operations in Eastern Massachusetts, which resulted in the conviction of five members and associates of the New England Mafia.

Those busted include: Louis DiNunzio (29) of Medford, who the government alleges is a made member of the New England crime family, Joseph Spagnuolo-Kazonis (30) and John Woodman (43) were convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. In addition, John Evans (68) and Joseph Petrucelli (24) were convicted of conducting an illegal gambling business.

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