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Longtime Bonanno crime family mobster Vincent Asaro pleaded guilty yesterday to ordering the torching of a man’s car after he cut him off in an April 2012 incident. John Gotti, the 23-year-old grandson of the late Gambino family boss, pleaded guilty to driving the getaway car in the arson ordered by the 82-year-old Bonanno gangster.

Both men face up to two decades behind bars, but despite this, neither man cooperated with authorities for a lesser sentence. “I would never cooperate against anyone,” Asaro declared during a Brooklyn Federal Court hearing, the New York Daily News reported.

He had already been put through the wringer a few years ago, when prosecutors charged him with playing a role in the 1978 Lufthansa heist, which was made famous by the movie Goodfellas. The elderly mobster didn’t crack then either and was acquitted after a high-profile trial.

For John Gotti the idea of cooperating is simply absurd. His grandfather was all about keeping his mouth shut and doing his time. Despite his flamboyant behavior, the Dapper Don is known far and wide for adhering to omerta, the code of silence. No wonder then that this young Gotti is taking a page out of his grandfather's playbook.

Currently, he is already serving an 8-year bid after being convicted of running a prescription painkiller drug ring in his neighborhood of Howard Beach in Queens, New York.

Both men are scheduled to be sentenced on October 24. Their guilty pleas are likely to earn them a more lenient sentence then if they were found guilty after a trial.

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