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An alleged associate of New York’s Bonanno crime family was shot by an unknown hitman in front of his mansion in the Bronx. Bullets hit 41-year-old Salvatore Zottola in his torso and left hand. He also suffered graze wounds to his head.

The hit attempt occurred on Wednesday morning and was caught on camera. The video below shows how Zottola is about to get into his minivan when a dark-colored Nissan Sedan drives by. Inside, a man in the passenger seat fires several shots at the mob associate.

Trying to evade the gunfire, Zottola can be seen rolling away from the gunshots until he is behind his van. The car with his assailants then stops and the gunman - described as a black man wearing a light-colored cap, black hooded sweatshirt and white sneakers - gets out, running to where Zottola is crouched, firing several more shots from close range as Zottola makes another attempt at dodging bullets by rolling away.

Though it may have seemed futile, Zottola’s desperate maneuvers helped him survive the professional, cold-blooded assassination. He was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where he currently is in critical but stable condition.

Zottola’s family is said to own three luxurious houses in the upper-class Bronx neighborhood, near a yacht club and a marina. The large mansion sports a large Z-logo atop of its façade. A sign with the quote: “Our walls are built thick our love for each is thicker” can be seen as well. Another home has a sign with the saying: “Our foundation is built from love our strength keeps us together.”

Zottola’s 71-year old father, Sylvester, is alleged to have ties to Bonanno family boss Vincent Basciano, who is serving a life sentence for racketeering and murder. Sylvester is no stranger to violence either. He reportedly survived a stabbing by burglars last December and was arrested last month for shooting at a man who pulled a gun on him outside his own Bronx home.

Staying true to his Mafia affiliation, Salvatore Zottola refuses to cooperate with authorities and will not give them any information about his attackers.

UPDATE: Bloods gangster arrested for organizing murder of Bonanno mobster

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  • Im glad the father doen t talk, and as far as the son getting shot im glad to hear he survived, catch that black basterd and hang him

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