Bloods Gang Leader Charged With Three Murders

9237014089?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

A leader of the Bloods street gang was charged yesterday with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. Ronald Herron (30), also known as “Ra,” “Ra Diggs,” “Ra Digga” and “Raheem,” was also hit with racketeering, murder in-aid-of racketeering, murder conspiracy, robbery, illegal use and possession of firearms, and narcotics trafficking charges.

Herron had already been arrested on drug charges in October of 2010. Prosecutors allege he ran a violent set of the Bloods street gang in and around the Gowanus Houses, a New York City public housing community in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn, that dealt in crack, cocaine, and heroin.

9237014471?profile=originalRather than keep a low profile, Herron (right) craved attention and fame, posting videos of himself on the Internet in which he identified himself as the leader of the “Murderous Mad Dogs” set of the Bloods street gang, and claimed that he was the leader of a “murder team” and had previously “beat a body.” The videos also showed Herron firing weapons and threatening to use them to kill people. Herron also posted messages on Twitter in which he boasted that he had “beat the stabbing,” “beat the attempt,” and “beat the body.”

And he got away with it too. In 2002, when he stood trial for the drug-related murder of Frederick Brooks, two witnesses declined to testify after having been intimidated by members of Herron’s gang. Herron was subsequently acquitted and free to continue his drug business.

That same murder is coming back to haunt him now though. The FBI is using it against him in the superseding indictment that was revealed yesterday. “Herron is now charged with the 2001 drug-related murder of Frederick Brooks, an offense of which Herron was acquitted in state court after witnesses refused to testify because they were threatened by Herron and his associates. Herron has also been charged with the 2008 murder of Richard Russo and the 2009 murder of Victor Zapata. In addition, Herron is accused of three attempted murders, including a 2008 stabbing at a nightclub in Manhattan,” the press release states.

“As alleged, Ronald Herron and his gang terrorized a Brooklyn community for more than a decade, and he temporarily got away with murder by threatening and intimidating witnesses, only to return to the streets of Brooklyn to kill again and again,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “Thanks to the hard work and close cooperation between federal and local law enforcement, the defendant will now be held to account for his charged long history of violence. Our commitment to dismantling street gangs and to protecting our community from the ravages of gang warfare remains steadfast.”

“Ronald Herron and his associates were nothing if not honest in their assessment of themselves. As alleged in the indictment, the self-designation, ‘Murderous Mad Dogs,’ seems to be no understatement. Calling yourself murderous may not be a crime, but the description is fitting. The FBI is committed to reining in gang violence to make our neighborhoods safer.” said FBI Assistant Director in Charge Janice K. Fedarcyk.

NYPD Commissioner Kelly stated, “As alleged, Ronald Herron and his gang have a history of violence, intimidation and murder in the neighborhood around the Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn, and Herron even boasted on twitter about getting away with his crimes. His tweets were premature.”

After running the projects for over a decade, things have come to a predictable end for the spotlight loving and tweeting gang boss. If all gangs would operate this way, federal agents will not have to endure rain and cold as they put these gangsters under surveillance. They can just stay at home, turn on their computers and start compiling evidence for a case. YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are all they need.

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  • I bet he never heard of rico before this.
  • Not for nothing,but how can street gang punks qualify as true gangsters ?.Thugs,yeah,but they're not Mafiosi or have the class or respect of real organized crime,or maybe it's just me daydreaming of yesteryear again.Al Capone atleast did something for his community and so did a lot of the olde-school gangsters,not gang-bangers.If you want a rep as a blood-thirsty G,read up on Mad Dog Coll or Albert Anastasia,not these fools.

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