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Bloods gang boss Jamal Smalls was sentenced Tuesday to 55 years in prison for running a narcotics trafficking conspiracy that distributed coke, crack cocaine, and heroin in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as his involvement in several shootings and one murder related to his drug operation.

As a high-ranking member of the notorious Bloods gang, Smalls led a drug trafficking crew that operated in and around the John Adams Houses in the Bronx, New York. His crew sold large quantities of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin in and around the housing project, as well as in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Not too bad for someone who only got out of prison in 2012 after serving over twelve years for first degree manslaughter. Then again, it was behind bars where Smalls – with help from his brother and people working on behalf of the crew – perfected his trade as he sold drugs inside the state prison system. Once he got out, Smalls began to lead the crew with his brother, participating in large-quantity narcotics deals in the Bronx and out-of-state.

Smalls was the kind of leader who took the hands-on approach. Like when he had a beef with rival drug dealer Doneil White. Within seven days, Smalls had tried to shoot him twice. On both occasions White managed to get away unharmed. One bystander wasn’t so lucky though, and was hit in the back.

Realizing he needed to delegate this piece of work, he sent a member of his crew out hunting the very next day, paying him $10,000 if he succeeded in murdering White. Whether it was the money or simply his aim, the crew member hit his mark and shot White in a stairwell at the John Adams Houses. White died several days later in the hospital as a result of his severe injuries.

His brazen and violent behavior quickly led authorities to crack down on Smalls’ operation and by August of 2012 he was under arrest. Still, he continued to lead his operation, by, among other things, giving directives to members of the crew through telephone calls and in-person visits.

Seeing how persistent Smalls has been, it’s up for debate whether his sentence of 55 years will do anything to stop his enterprising criminal mind.  

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