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New York:

The Father, the Son… the Mafia, the Bloods Gang, and Greed
“I thought my dad was a candy man” – Daughter of Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas talks about her father
Coney Island West End Enterprise hitman sentenced to 32 years for murder and extortion of public works
Drug boss-turned-snitch Martinez shot dead in Harlem
From Grammys to prison: Rap artist Fetty Wap caught in 100KG multimillion-dollar drug trafficking organization bust
Folk Nation Gangster Disciples charged with 7 shootings that happened in Brooklyn in 2020
Stoned to Death - Profile of Jamaican crime boss Wayne “Sandokhan” Smith
Jumping Bail: How legendary drug kingpin “Black Caesar” Matthews disappeared forever
“American Gangster” Frank Lucas dead at 88 Elusive drug boss Frank Matthews to hit the big screen: From narco billionaire at 28 to mysterious phantom
Sex Money Murder: The violent rise and fall of Bronx gang ingrained in New York underworld’s history
Bloods gangster arrested for organizing murder of Bonanno mobster
Frank Smith, a hitman of the Coney Island-based Rival Impact gang, gunned down rivals in war with Thirty-O Crew
Two United Blood Nation Godfathers guilty of racketeering conspiracy
United Blood Nation Godfather says he is part of the last ones that God put in power
New York drug boss Jimmy Rosemond
VIDEO: Bloods gangster talks about doing time with Mafia boss John Gotti in 1997
Eight Trey Crips gang leader Larry Pagett
How Muhammad Ali took the heavyweight boxing championship belt from the Mafia
Bronx gangster who killed rival who held baby daughter in arms gets 42 years
Brooklyn Bloods gang enforcer Shondell "M-Dot" Walker
The criminal history of most wanted terrorist Assata Shakur godmother of slain rap legend 2Pac
VIDEO: Up close and personal as VICE films initiation of Crips gang member in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Hull Street Crew leader Christian John
Bloods gang boss gets 55 years in prison for murder & drug trafficking
Schuele Boys Gang associate pleads guilty to selling drugs out of variety store
The Gangster Alpo From Spanish Harlem

Supreme: Gangster giant towers over Queens rap
Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff (in prison)
Leroy "Nicky" Barnes (flipped)
American Gangster Myth: The True Story Behind Frank Lucas
Frank Matthews
Vietnam Vet-Turned-Harlem Drug Dealer Pens Memoir
Folk Nation Gang Leader Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
Black Caesar: The Rise of America’s Biggest Kingpin
Former Gangsters Beefing About Books
Bloods Gang Leader Charged With Three Murders
Former Drug Kingpin Ike Atkinson Tells All In New Documentary

New Jersey:

Leader of Newark drug trafficking gang gets 20 years in prison
Grape Street Crips member indicted for murder of bystander at 2010 summer cookout
“Corey Hamlet is as smart as any CEO we’ve prosecuted” - Profile: Grape Street Crips leader Corey Hamlet
The South Side Cartel: Newark’s most violent street gang
New Jersey Bloods gang boss pleads guilty to murder, racketeering charges
Sex Money Murder Bloods set leaders admit racketeering, murder conspiracy
Atlantic City “Dirty Block” Gang enforcer gets life
Atlantic City gang boss gets life in prison for drug conspiracy
Grape Street Crips leader charged with 4 murders, racketeering
Drug boss Rufus Young gets 15 years for selling kilos of heroin
Chili Pimping in Atlantic City



New Orleans:

Fugitive Gangster Disciples leader arrested in New Orleans




Gangster or Rapper? Houston’s The Breadman learns he can’t be both - “He played the game and lost”



Crips and Bloods hit by major police offensive







WATCH: BMF shows rise of Detroit’s Flenory brothers as they start their Black Mafia Family
Three alleged drug gangsters charged with murder of ex-NFL player in Detroit
Violent Seven Mile Bloods gangsters indicted in Detroit
Detroit gang leader gets 35 years for racketeering
Chester Wheeler Campbell: The 007 of the Detroit Drug Mob


Killing mothers without remorse - Black Guerilla Family gangsters hit with racketeering, murder charges
NFL gang boss Gregory Butler
Baltimore Eight Tray Gangsta Crips boss Trayvon "Tru G" Hall
Members of West Baltimore gang Trained To Go guilty of 9 murders, drug trafficking, witness intimidation
Black Guerilla Family gangster pleads guilty to murder of witness
"Bodie" Barksdale, inspiration for The Wire, dead at 54

Female Drug Boss Jean Brown
Maurice "Peanut" King
Baltimore: A Gangster History


Profile: Washington D.C. drug boss Rayful Edmond
The Murder of Fray; A Washington D.C. Street Legend


Don King: From street thug to street name?
Drug boss Ricks: From selfies in the gym to trafficking heroin

North Carolina:

United Blood Nation gangsters plead guilty to RICO conspiracy involving multiple murders
Prison bars couldn’t stop powerful Bloods Godfathers
Two United Blood Nation Godfathers guilty of racketeering conspiracy
The Blood Life:How robbery led to homicides earning two Blood leaders life in prison
United Blood Nation Godfather says he is part of “the last ones that God put in power”
83 bosses and members of United Blood Nation indicted


US Soldiers Busted in Drug Cartel Murder-For-Hire Plot


Robert Lee Ward, the Florida drug boss who ordered FBI informant in his organization killed and continued biz


“The system of America is scared when they see us unite” – Profile of devil-worshipping East Coast Crips boss Paul Wallace
Gang Rules: Growing up inside the LA gang life
Sinaloa Cartel distributor who supplied Crips, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords for two decades gets 15-year term
California Crip went from selling drugs to funding his own career as an author
Drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross: Moving tons of cocaine with a nod of approval from the Reagan White House
Crips gangster cops to racketeering charges, admits robberies & drug dealing
West Coast Crips gang boss gets life for drug crimes
Rap mogul Suge Knight shot six times at VMA party
Prison Gangs and the Analogy of Hate
Michael Harris: A Convicted Drug Kingpin Who Gave Denzel His Start on Broadway


T&A Crips hitman who killed rival gang member and shot at potential witness pleads guilty


Just Bout Money gang ran major Southeast Missouri drug pipeline


Boston drug boss who shot suspected thief in the back gets 10 years in prison

Kansas City:

Full-Time Gangsters Part-Time Rappers


Nine Trey Gangsters hitmen held shooting competition to see who’d get highest body count
Operation Goodfellas busts $19 million drug trafficking conspiracy from Mexico to Virginia
Profile of Black P-Stones leader Michael Hopson
Black P-Stones lieutenant gets 30 years in prison for racketeering and murder
Major heroin trafficking boss sentenced to 30 years in prison
Armed Imperial Gangsta Bloods drug dealer sentenced to 35 years
37 Bloods gangsters sentenced to over 415 years in prison


Georgia’s “Get Dat Money” gang boss sentenced to 20 years in prison for running meth ring behind bars
Gangster Disciples bosses guilty of racketeering, triple murder in nightclub, murder of witness, and shooting
Operation Bloody Prince


Around the World:

Dear Lord – Crime group used Christian ministry as front for £2 million cannabis importation from Jamaica
One of the cruelest human traffickers in the world: Crime boss Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam
“I want you to move 50 kilos a week, don’t talk about 1” – London crime boss gets 25 years for running drug ring from prison
Black Axe: How Nigeria’s Mafia group went global and became an international criminal powerhouse
Italian police crack down on Nigerian Mafia in nationwide busts
Drug trafficker who used messaging apps to arrange drug parcels gets 11 years in prison
From the Caribbean to Dubai and Europe: Profile of international drug boss Shurendy “Tyson” Quant
Nigerian Mafia in Italy now “on the same level” as the Camorra, police say
Stoned to Death - Profile of Jamaican crime boss Wayne “Sandokhan” Smith
The 18 Gangster museum in South Africa run by ex-convicts tells cautionary tales of life of crime and violence
Alleged Jamaican hitman placed on FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for murders in US
Right-hand-man of Suriname president's son guilty in U.S. drug case
Convicted drug trafficker becomes head of South American country’s National Security Service
The Jamaican Shower Posse: A Family Business
  Henk Orlando Rommy (Dutch drug boss currently in an American prison)

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