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Outlaw motorcycle clubs have become an increasingly powerful presence in the world of organized crime around the globe. While they claim to exist for no other reason than to enjoy a free lifestyle and riding motorcycles many clubs and chapters have been busted for crimes ranging from extortion and drug dealing to racketeering and murder.

These clubs have always said they live outside the boundaries of conventional society and play by their own rules. Their wild and criminal behavior led them to be labeled as “One Percenters,” a reference to a comment allegedly made by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in which it stated that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying that the last one percent were outlaws.

They were eager to live up to that label.

The most famous outlaw motorcycle club is undoubtedly the Hells Angels MC. But in its wake other clubs have formed and carved out a substantial piece of territory. Most of these clubs formed in the United States and opened chapters around the world in the years thereafter. Other notable American-born clubs are the Bandidos, the Mongols, and the Outlaws. But as those clubs spread out into other countries, local clubs became bolder as well, and pretty quickly you had regional outlaw motorcycle clubs fighting against the more established ones.

Here at Gangsters Inc. we aim to keep you informed on all these clubs from all around the world. For your convenience we have listed them by club. When an article mentions more than one club and it is unclear who is the main subject of the piece it will be listed below under “various.”

Hells Angels:

Solano County Hells Angels biker gets 3 years in prison for firearms offenses

How Australian Hells Angels took control of a charter in Pattaya, Thailand

The Death of an Outlaw: Hells Angels boss “Sonny” Barger passes away at 83 after living life on the edge

Hells Angels and Vagos outlaw bikers shoot it out on Nevada freeway, leaving 7 wounded

The time two Hells Angels saved Hollywood actress Salma Hayek from a knife-wielding nut

Vice President of Modesto Hells Angels pleads guilty to drug charges

Hells Angels charged in broad daylight execution of rival Pagans biker boss in the Bronx

Modesto Hells Angels, including vice president, hit with gun and drug charges

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club outlawed in the Netherlands – Visiting foreign bikers forbidden to wear colors

“We were elite and acted like it.” Former Hells Angels boss George Christie sits down with Gangsters Inc.

Former Hells Angels boss tells his story on stage in ‘Outlaw’

Hells Angel goes down for murder for hire plot targeting his ex-wife

California Hells Angel assassinated at gas station

Ex-Hells Angels boss George Christie to talk at Mob Museum

Hells Angels President gets 10 years in prison on meth charge

Massive funeral procession for murdered Hells Angel

Hells Angels shoot Mongols in deadly freeway gunfight

Media-savvy Hells Angels turned notoriety into business

Spanish Hells Angels Hit Hard in European Bust

Australian bikers fighting wars while cashing with the Cartel

German Bikers Prepare For War (Hells Angels vs Bandidos)

Biker News: War Down Under

Trouble For Canadian Hells Angels

Amsterdam's Hells Angels Leave Their Home

Biker News: Murder, Arrests, One Break Up & A Ban

Biker News: War is in the Air

Biker News: Brawling For Territory

Biker News: Brothers Betraying Brothers

Biker News: Gang war in Australia, Angels go to trial in Denmark

Biker News: Charity Drive or Gang War?

Biker News: Hells Angels Busts in New Zealand and Germany, Trial 

Biker News: Dutch Hells Angel Murdered, Rhode Island President Buried

Europol Issues Warning: "Hells Angels Expanding into Eastern Europe"

Outlaw Bikers in Finland 1997-2005

Outlaw Bikers in Finland 1994 to 1997

The Great Northern Biker War

Bandidos MC:

Bandidos outlaw bikers in New Mexico targeted by special task force after Red River shootout

Bandidos and Waterdogs bikers shoot it out in Red River, New Mexico, leaving three dead

Bandidos biker president found murdered by gunshot to the head

Bandidos president “Biggie” sentenced to 14 years in prison on drug and attempted murder charges

Ride and die in prison: Former National Vice President of Bandidos Motorcycle Club sentenced to life

Complex Twin Peaks Bandidos biker trial nearing start

Bandidos biker club in US severs ties with all its global chapters

Bandidos National Sergeant at Arms pleads guilty to federal racketeering, drug trafficking and extortion charges

Racketeering and drug charges for leaders of Bandidos gang

106 bikers charged in deadly shootout, loyal to club or law?

Outlaw bikers go on international murder spree

Bandidos plant flag in Netherlands, Hells Angels unhappy

Outlaw Bikers in Finland 1997-2005

Outlaw Bikers in Finland 1994 to 1997

The Great Northern Biker War

Mongols MC:

Mongols USA kick out all its European chapters in "bad standing"

Hells Angels shoot Mongols in deadly freeway gunfight

Pagans Motorcycle Club:

Pittsburgh Pagans enforcer goes to prison on drug and gun charges

Pagans Motorcycle Club biker who peddled drugs via Facebook Messenger gets 10 years in prison

“Conan” behind bars: Gun charge earns national president of Pagans outlaw motorcycle club 33 months

Pagans Motorcycle Club president “Conan” pleads guilty to gun charge – Pagans MC feeling the heat

Pagans bikers charged with beating of Hells Angel

30 outlaw bikers of the Pagans Motorcycle Club hit with federal gun and drug charges

Hells Angels charged in broad daylight execution of rival Pagans biker boss in the Bronx

Pagans biker president shot dead in professional gangland hit in the Bronx

Florida biker of Thunderguards MC sentenced to 10 years for role in Pagans MC meth operation

Pagans Motorcycle Club boss gets prison for gun violations

Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club:

Racism, Nazi memorabilia & meth: Former president of Peckerwoods outlaw biker club gets 15 years

Black Motorcycle Clubs:

Detroit gang leader gets 35 years for racketeering

Satudarah Motorcycle Club:

Outlaw biker offers 10K reward to public for info on men who threw "hand grenade"

Rebels Motorcycle Club:

Ex-president of Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang shot dead at biker race

Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club:

Grim Reapers bikers sentenced for meth trafficking in Indiana

No Surrender MC:

Biker boss resigns because he wants to talk to the cops

Biker boss wounded by hitman, says club will handle problem

Wild outlaw biker shooting caught on video

Outlaw bikers join fight against ISIS in Iraq


Sons of Silence biker club enforcer confronts off-duty cop and ends up in prison

Police raids in Germany target outlaw motorcycle club as Europe cracks down on bikers

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs invade Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Cops involved in Waco biker shootout cleared by Grand Jury

Corrupt cop sold info to international drug gangs and bikers

How to destroy outlaw biker gangs

More outlaw bikers gunning for ISIS

Biker News: Dutch Biker War Avoided?

Fiction & Reality:

Sons of Anarchy final season trailer shows vengeance

Reality TV Showing Audiences Fake Ganglands

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