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9236990098?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

Citizens of Sydney, Australia are living in fear as bullets are flying through multiple neighborhoods. The night from Monday to Tuesday saw a climax with five shootings within a few hours, four of which are connected to a conflict between the Hells Angels and rival motorcycle gang the Nomads.

A police source told the Sydney Morning Herald that tension between the two gangs goes back to at least early 2011, when the Hells Angels started a huge recruitment drive and the entire Parramatta chapter of the Bandidos, consisting of up to sixty members, defected to the Hells Angels, increasing their numbers to over one hundred.

Tuesday morning saw the shootings of two homes and two tattoo parlours. The homes belonged to relatives of notorious bikers. Just after midnight, assailants shot the residence of family members of Mahmoud Dib, the former sergeant-at-arms of the Bandidos Parramatta chapter, who had defected to the Hells Angels.

Close by, at around 2.40 AM, a home owned by the elderly parents of accused drug dealer and high-ranking Hells Angel Jeffrey Sahyoun was shot up with, what police believe was a machinegun. Sahyoun was arrested last month and charged with multiple drug and firearms offences and is currently behind bars after he was refused bail.

The two tattoo parlours are both connected to the Hells Angels and were shot at before.

After this latest spate of shootings, police beefed up their presence with an extra one hundred police officers. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione told the Herald Sun: “This is criminal on criminal. There is nothing random about these crimes.”

Another Hells Angel was not just shot at, but actually hit by bullets and hospitalized. Police say the 27-year-old member of the North Crew chapter at Mansfield Park was shot by a fellow Angel.

Detective Superintendent John De Candia told Adelaide Now that “the incident was a dispute between two Hells Angels members and was not linked to any other bikie gangs or past feuds - or interstate shootings.”

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