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A force of over 1500 police officers raided fifty residences and club houses of members of Turkish-German outlaw motorcycle club Osmanen Germania Boxclub this morning. The operation marks the latest in a rising trend of police crackdowns on outlaw biker gangs in Europe.

It didn’t take authorities long to take measures against the Osmanen Germania Boxclub. Founded just last year, the club is a newcomer to the world of outlaw bikers. Made up entirely of Turkish-German members, they rose to become a factor in Germany despite the dominant presence of rival – more established - clubs like Hells Angels, Bandidos, and Satudarah.

This morning, around 6 am, investigators were looking for firearms, documents, computers, and drugs related to alleged illegal dealings by members of Osmanen Germania Boxclub. An official told newspaper Bild, “Authorities are aware of the fact that members of Osmanen Germania Boxclub maintain close contacts with the Turkish intelligence service. There is a danger that weapons that fall under the War Weapons Control Law (for example machine guns) could be used to the detriment of Kurdish opponents on federal territory.”

European authorities are taking a zero-tolerance approach to outlaw biker gangs in recent years. Notorious clubs like the Bandidos, Mongols, and Satudarah have rapidly expanded their presence in several countries, causing tensions between them and the clubs that are already present.

In the Netherlands, the Bandidos recently founded their first chapter. A few hours later, the home of the new chapter’s president was hit with a grenade, followed by several more attacks – allegedly carried out by the Hells Angels, who said they felt provoked.

In April of this year, the Hells Angels were involved in a bloody fight that turned into a brazen shootout with members of the Mongols motorcycle club at a hotel in the city of Rotterdam. One man was seriously wounded in the melee. 23 men were arrested.

The current violence, as well as the clubs’ history of violence, caused 75 Dutch mayors, last week, to call for the prohibition of outlaw motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands, making it illegal to be a member of so-called one-percenter biker clubs. Eight mayors said they had been threatened by outlaw motorcycle clubs.

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