Biker News: Brothers Betraying Brothers

9236990098?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs consider themselves part of a brotherhood. They often refer to each other with the term ‘brother’. The club and its brothers come before the member’s own well being. At least, that is the general idea. But, just like happened to the Mafia, more and more ‘brothers’ are turning on their family, giving testimony that puts their beloved fellow club members behind bars.

The Rochester Chapter of the Hells Angels MC is in a lot of trouble. As April came to a close, their clubhouse and homes were raided by authorities and five members were charged with involvement in a beating with a baseball bat in 2006 at a city bar. The attack, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brett Harvey told the Democrat and Chronicle, “was part of a racketeering enterprise — an effort by club members to strengthen their role in the Hells Angels criminal circles.”

The newspaper reports that among those arrested were: “Robert “Bugsy” Moran Jr., 59, a vice president of the local chapter; Gina Tata, 47; Richard Riedman, 37; and Timothy Stone, 31; and James Henry McAuley Jr., 62, another vice president of the chapter. McAuley is currently imprisoned for a federal conviction of conspiracy to commit murder as part of a racketeering enterprise.”

In the days that followed the bust, it has become clear the allegations mainly came from two informants. Informants who were part of the Rochester Chapter. “One was an FBI informant who posed as a "hang-around" of the motorcycle club, while the other was a bona fide, card-carrying member for years, a federal prosecutor said in court Monday,” reporter Gary Craig writes.

An informant in Denmark, meanwhile, had a rough day himself. The man, a member of AK81, an affiliate group of the Hells Angels, heard that the Supreme Court will uphold a 12-year prison sentence handed down by the Eastern High Court despite his cooperation with police. “The 25-year-old, known as MFP, was convicted by a district court for attempted murder and assault,” the Copenhagen Post reports. Apparently testimony does not always equal a get-out-of-jail-free-card.

In Ventura, California, gang unit detectives investigating firearms thefts have arrested five members of the Hells Angels during a raid on the biker gang's Ventura clubhouse. They were “arrested and booked for investigation of being under the influence of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana for sale or possession of a deadly weapon. Among those arrested on methamphetamine allegations was 35-year-old George Christie III, the son of the longtime Hells Angels leader,” the Associated Press reports.

Police in Amsterdam also noticed a strong marijuana smell when they were passing by the terrain of the Hells Angels clubhouse and decided to investigate. When they raided the complex, they found a plantation containing around 800 marijuana plants in buildings belonging to The Hangout, a youth group affiliated with the motorcycle club. Under Dutch law it is legal to grow and cultivate no more than five marijuana plants. A man involved with The Hangout told Dutch newspaper Het Parool that the plants were indeed found at The Hangout and not at the ground belonging to the Hells Angels, adding: “There is a fence between our terrains.”

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  • I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a motorcycle gang from the 1960's, the "DC Eagles", (Damen and Cortland Eagles MC), from the Windy City. Ran their club out of a gas station on the corner of the two above mentioned streets.

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