By David Amoruso

What a difference a week makes. Barely seven days ago, Gangsters Inc. reported that Klaas Otto, president of outlaw motorcycle club No Surrender was wounded in an apparent hit attempt. In an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Otto told about the shooting, adding that he would not go to the police but that “we will handle this ourselves.” After thinking about it he’s had a change of heart.

Today, newspaper De Telegraaf, which is on good terms with Otto and the motor club, reports that the biker boss does want to talk to police and wants to file charges against the man who shot him in the neck. That man, 44-year-old car dealer Paul M., has been arrested by authorities and is awaiting what comes next.

What looked to be next was a bunch of angry bikers coming his way with bats and bullets, but now, it seems, he will only have to worry about the testimony of his intended victim and the resulting prison sentence.

9237032900?profile=originalOtto’s decision to talk to police and testify is against the club’s rules. Rules he himself created when he founded the club in 2013. Though outlaws and gangsters are known to break many, if not all, rules, they tend to respect the one about not talking to the cops.

That is why Otto (photos left and top) has resigned as president of No Surrender.

Are you flabbergasted? You should be. The biker boss who vowed that his club would avenge the attempt on his life rather than seek out help from authorities is now doing a full flip flop. Is this an April Fools joke?

Questions about this resignation remain. Why the change of heart? Why is he giving up the biker life? Why is he giving up his own club? Was he forced to do so? Did the club refuse to avenge the hit? Only a select few people know.

Just like there are plenty of questions regarding the failed attempt on his life. Otto was shot at a meeting with someone he knew. He was shot in the neck but survived. Why was he at that meeting? What was the motive behind the shooting? Was there a power struggle within the club? Was he extorting the man who shot him?

Questions, questions. And this new turn of events does not help answering any of them. It only creates more.

Last week we told readers to be patient as we would find out the answers eventually. If we get a steady stream of news every week then patience won’t be needed.

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