Asian gangster death stare stops tailgating car


By David Amoruso

You know the feeling you get when some punk cuts you off in traffic. That anger called road rage can call out many inner demons. Curse words are shouted, middle fingers are raised, some of you might even get out of the car and get up close and personal with some combos straight out of the boxing ring.

Then there are those who will get out and let their anger stream out like a tsunami. They will rip out your heart through your throat and take a piss on it. As they finish up and your heart gives its last beat, they’ll end it by spitting on it with all the leftover aggressiveness reserved for situations such as this.

9237035293?profile=originalAnd then there is this guy – check out the video below and photos. Confronted with an annoying tailgater, he gently stops his car, gets out, and calmly walks to the car behind him before coming to a standstill right in front of it.

He looks like a businessman. A fine suit and tie, shiny shoes. But then there are the gloves. Why is he wearing gloves while driving?! As he stands in front of you that is not what you are thinking about. You are thinking about how the fuck you are going to escape.

Where other guys might yell at you or slam their fist or swing their baseball bat, this guy just stands there. Looking you straight in the eye. Not saying a word.

It’s all in the eyes. And his eyes show a lot of hellish mayhem that is controlled only by his coldblooded nature. The look of a stone killer.

Who is this guy? Is he part of the Japanese Yakuza? The Chinese Triads? Is he an honest businessman? We don’t know. All we know is that the poor guy on the receiving end of his stare of death had a dashboard camera, recorded this encounter, and posted it online in 2013. It became a huge hit and went viral. It is now part of the Thug Life video meme.

One can only hope the maker of this video never ever runs into this man again. If he does he might just end up in the trunk of a car.

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