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An anonymous mobster going by the pseudonym Frank Palmeri claims Bonanno family mobster Vincent Asaro was indeed a member of the crew that executed the 1978 Lufthansa heist made famous by the movie Goodfellas, even though Asaro was acquitted of those charges last year.

In an exclusive telephone interview with the New York Daily News, Palmeri claims “Vinny dodged a bullet” and that he “was very happy for him.”

Gangsters Inc. covered Vinny Asaro’s trial extensively with mob author Robert Sberna reporting about new developments as they happened. Sberna also wrote about the Lufthansa heist and its aftermath in his book The Mystery of the Lufthansa Airlines Heist: A Wiseguy Reveals the Untold Story.

Details on Palmeri’s identity are scarce. He says he is a made man in one of New York’s five crime families. Now in his 70s, “Palmeri,” after completing a long prison sentence, has written a book about life in the Mafia titled Bugs, Bull, and Rats.

In it, he shares his thoughts about the decline of the New York Mafia and details a series of poor leadership decisions, as well as unnecessary and “unapproved” murders within the organization that eventually led to prominent members from all of the five mob families to turn on each other in order to bargain for more lenient sentences or protection from the feds.

You can read more about his thoughts and views on Asaro and his Bonanno crew and the Lufthansa heist at the New York Daily News.

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