9237095855?profile=originalAre you a true crime writer with a new book coming out? Do you want to promote an upcoming gangster flick? Do you have a Mafia-themed product to market? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At Gangsters Inc. you can reach your audience directly and immediately. Since 2001 we have built a great brand that our readers trust and love. Of course, they also love anything to do with gangsters, mobsters, and true crime. That’s why it makes sense to promote your product at our website or one of our social media channels.

We offer a variety of ways to promote your product - which we have detailed below. However, if you wish to use us in other ways we are open to suggestions. We have a large social media presence (over 47,000 likes on Facebook and around 55,000 followers on Instagram and over 9,000 followers on Twitter).

Interested? Check out our rates below and contact us at:9970774453?profile=RESIZE_400x


  • Advertisement on website at the top of the frontpage and every other page just below the header and menu $150.00 for 30 days.
  • Advertisement on website on the right column, which is visible on all pages $75.00 per 30 days for a banner of 180 pixels in width by 300 to 600 pixels in height
  • A combination of various options.
  • Custom made advertisement on website to fit your wishes
  • You can provide a banner made by you yourself, but we also offer to create a banner for you for $12.00

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  • Discuss a combination of various options.

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