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9236987261?profile=originalGangsters Inc. went online on July 12, 2001. Founded and run by David Amoruso, it focuses on global organized crime and the Mafia and has a large variety of authors who contribute articles, book excerpts, and charts (if you want to write for Gangsters Inc. let us know!). At Gangsters Inc. we provide our readers with an in-depth look into the global world of organized crime. We publish longreads, (short) profiles and news stories.

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9236987664?profile=originalDavid Amoruso holds a bachelor's degree in journalism. He is the co-author of The Encyclopedia Of International Organized Crime which was published in May 2005 and "Mafia: The Book the Mob Wouldn't Want Published" which was released in Australia in 2009. He has written for such publications and websites as Mob Candy magazine,Tampa Mafia Magazine and Gorilla Convict. He has been consulted as an organized crime expert by media outlets from around the world including VICE, USA Today, BBC, and Investigation Discovery. He also worked with Paramount Pictures brainstorming about possible ideas for a new motion picture about organized crime.

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