Yakuza boss sentenced to death after judge rules his underlings would not have killed without his consent

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The “oyabun” or leader of the Kudokai Yakuza clan was sentenced to death on Tuesday after his underlings murdered one civilian and wounded three others. 74-year-old Satoru Nomura plans to appeal the ruling since there is no direct evidence that he ordered the attacks.

The attacks occurred between 1998 and 2014. Kudokai gangsters shot to death a former head of a fishing cooperative, and wounded three others. Among them a former police officer, who was shot in the leg in 2012 and a nurse, who was stabbed in 2013, prosecutors allege, because Nomura felt she had not treated him well at the clinic where she worked.

The judge, according to Reuters, “said strict controls were in place at the Kudokai crime syndicate, and it was unthinkable that the attacks had been carried out without the leader's authorization.”

Nomura’s underboss was sentenced to life in prison on the same charges.

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