WATCH | The real-life gangsters of New York’s Chinatown – From the underworld to the NYPD

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

Michael Moy has a unique perspective on New York’s underworld. As a member of Chinatown’s Fuk Ching gang he was an integral part of it. When he decided to leave his life of crime behind him, he joined the New York City Police Department. Now, he takes us back to the streets to reminisce.

The South China Morning Post went along with Moy as he takes us into Chinatown’s gangland and recounts its history. He even gets help from some of his old foes and friends from his days as a Triad gangster.

Men like “Big Head” who was once the boss, dai lo, of the Tung On gang; “Speed”, a former member of the Flying Dragons; and Jay, a current Tung On member and part of the new generation. They talk about the violent gang wars that raged through New York’s Chinatowns in the 1980s and 1990s.

This South China Morning Post film follows Moy on a tour of Chinatown’s forgotten past that reveals what drew the one-time gangster from a life of crime and into a law enforcement career.

Watch the video below (or click here):

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