Twelve members of 18th Street gang hit with RICO conspiracy – Charges include murder and kidnapping

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Twelve members of 18th Street gang were indicted on Friday and charged in a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act conspiracy that included kidnapping, murder, robbery, witness tampering, and drug trafficking. The crimes occurred in the District of Columbia, District of Maryland, Eastern District of Virginia, and District of Delaware.

Prosecutors call the “18th Street” a highly organized and well structured, violent international street gang. Members of 18th Street are organized into “cliques,” or smaller groups operating within specific cities or regions that all operate under the umbrella rules of 18th Street to include the following: the Tiny Locos Surenos (“TLS”), Los Crazy Brothers (“LCB”), and the Revolucionarios.  

Its members are required to commit acts of violence to further the interests of the gang. These acts are often directed against rival gang members, 18th Street members who violate gang rules or otherwise disrespect the gang, and persons who are suspected of cooperating with law enforcement.

Two murders mentioned in the indictment are the July 14, 2021, killing of Carlos Ramos Martinez. Members of the TLS and LCB cliques murdered Martinez in part due to his association with a rival faction within 18th Street. On December 19, 2021, members of the TLS and LCB cliques murdered Danis Alcides Salgado Mata because they believed he was a member or associate of a rival gang.

Below is a list of the indicted individuals:

Alleged members and associates of the Los Crazy Brothers clique:

  • Jose Santos Alvarado-Velasquez
  • Jose Anselmo Ibarra-Cristales
  • Carlos Rolando Martinez-Mora
  • Bradley Andree Martinez-Mora
  • Carlos Giovani Linares Boteo
  • Elvis Mauricio Maradiaga

Alleged members and associates of the Tiny Locos Surenos clique:

  • Gerlin Neptali Diaz-Lopez
  • Jexon Madrid-Flores
  • Sindy Paola Hernandez-Menjivar
  • Milton Benjamin Guevara-Villatoro
  • Cesar De La O Rodriguez
  • Bryan Delfino Vasquez-Izara


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