“The dime” - Texas “Mexikan” Mafia drug dealer gets 10 years in prison

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A drug dealer for the Texas “Mexikan” Mafia prison gang was sentenced to 10 years behind bars on Tuesday. 29-year-old Joe Daniel Davila worked as a distributor of narcotics at various drug houses located within Corpus Christi and Robstown in Texas.

He was selling product at drug premises also known as “trap houses” which the Texas “Mexikan” Mafia operated. Many of these homes were equipped with electronic security systems and had doors reinforced with braces to make possible law enforcement entry difficult. Authorities also found firearms in some of these “trap houses.” Davila would oversee the selling of drugs at some of these houses and make sure the profits of the sales would go to the leadership of the Texas “Mexikan” Mafia.

“The dime”

The investigation began in Robstown in 2015. Law enforcement was eventually able to discover the Texas “Mexikan” Mafia was operating these houses in both Robstown and Corpus Christi and maintaining the premises as one of their sources of income.

The Texas “Mexikan” Mafia has a constitution that governs the gang which states that 10% percent of the profits from any member’s business or interest shall be contributed to the organization. The Texas “Mexikan” Mafia collects this fee, referred to as “the dime,” from members, prospective members and sympathizers. These individuals also earn their income by trafficking in illegal drugs on their own which the Texas “Mexikan” Mafia then distributes.

Nine others have been convicted as part of the overall conspiracy. Davila pleaded guilty on July 23, 2021 and is currently pending transfer to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility to be determined in the near future. Soon, he will be reunited with his Texas “Mexikan” Mafia bosses.

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  • ooooooooo OMG !!! Don't these fools know that the drug game is totally destructive from A-Z !! I know the game and many dudes doing Life without parole. He got 10 years. Lucky he didn't get 30. Money means nothing when your life is water in prison.
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