T&A Crips hitman gets 30 years for murdering man who was thought to “disrespect” the gang

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A member of the Trevitt and Atcheson Crips gang known as T&A was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Tuesday. 26-year-old Charles Carson pleaded guilty in February 2020 and admitted to the murder of Quincy Story. Carson shot and killed Story on S. James Road in Columbus, Ohio, on January 24, 2015.

Carson and 18 other members and associates of the T&A Crips gang were charged with a variety of crimes, including murders, attempted murders, drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, witness tampering, robbery, and assault.

The group was named after the Trevitt and Atcheson streets in the King-Lincoln District of Columbus. Most of its members live here. The gang controlled the neighborhood through intimidation, fear and violence. Members were expected to retaliate with acts of violence when their members and associates were disrespected, threatened, intimidated or subjected to acts of violence.

Quincy Story was one such person who was perceived as having disrespected a fallen associate of the T&A subgroup Waun Gang. For that, he had to die. On the streets respect is everything.

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