Seattle drug boss and crew busted - 27 kilos of fentanyl seized at his home

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Seven people were indicted last week in an investigation into a drug trafficking ring in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Three people were arrested in Arizona and four in Seattle. In addition, two people named in indictments in Pittsburgh were arrested in the Seattle area. Bryce Hill is considered a leading figure in the drug conspiracy. He was arrested in Seattle on January 11. Hill is charged with conspiracy to distribute fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

The Pittsburgh investigation began in 2018 and became a wiretap investigation in the spring of 2022. The investigation identified Bryce “Benji” Hill as a key distributor of drugs in the Seattle area. Hill traveled, or had his associates travel, between Arizona and Seattle, bringing in drugs and taking drug proceeds back to conspirators in Phoenix.

Guns and 27 kilos of fentanyl seized

When investigators served search warrants on residences in Seattle associated with Hill, they seized five firearms – including assault style weapons and those with extended magazines. One firearm had been modified to fire fully automatic.  Hill is prohibited from possessing firearms due to previous convictions.

10993718880?profile=RESIZE_400xAt Hill’s apartment in Seattle, where he was arrested, law enforcement seized about 27 kilos of fentanyl pills. The drugs were still in the suitcases (photo right) they had traveled in from Arizona. Law enforcement also seized more than $387,000 in cash.

In all, some 60 people have been charged in the Western District of Pennsylvania.  Over the past ten months, investigators in the Pennsylvania-based case have seized more than 673 pounds of fentanyl-laced fake prescription pills, over 400 pounds of methamphetamine, and more than 16 pounds each of fentanyl powder and cocaine, over $600,000 in cash, nine vehicles, and 47 firearms.

The seven people indicted in Seattle allegedly conspired with Hill in the drug distribution scheme. Those indicted include:

  • Cierra Ward, 21, of Kent, Washington
  • David Theodore Carr, 43, of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Jaren Christopher Tran, 43, of Seattle
  • Shaunyae Allen, 37, of Oak Harbor, Washington
  • Jose Cortes 34, of Marysville, Washington
  • Aliana Lyla Khan, 34 of Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Kayla Vigil, 28, of Tempe, Arizona

Additionally, two defendants from Western Washington were arrested on an indictment from the Western District of Pennsylvania:

  • Alicia Parks, 25, of Kent, Washington
  • Mohamed Kariye, 34 of Kent, Washington


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