Russian gangster uses forklift truck to escape from Belgian prison

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A Russian gangster managed to escape from a Belgian prison on Wednesday by using a forklift truck to climb over the penitentiary’s wall. 40-year-old Mouslim Aboubakarov (photo above) was serving a 10 to 15-year sentence for violent robberies, holding and torturing hostages, and possession of an illegal weapon.

He had been locked up in a prison in the city of Gent since 2012 and had managed to win the trust of prison authorities, getting a job which allowed him to move around the penitentiary with more freedom.

It is how he was able to get a forklift truck and drive it up to the outer prison wall near the entry gate around 10:45 on Wednesday morning, climb over it and make his big get away via a nearby roof.

Belgium has issued an international arrest warrant for the escapee.

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