Moroccan-Dutch crime boss Ridouan Taghi gets life in prison

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Moroccan-Dutch crime boss Ridouan Taghi was sentenced to life in prison today in a court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was found guilty of six murders, four attempted murders, and several murder plots. Taghi is viewed by the DEA as one of Europe’s most powerful drug bosses, part of a European super cartel with the Italian and Irish Mafias.

The court judged that Taghi was the “undisputed leader” of a criminal organization. A man who used “extreme violence to scare people”. The court said that this “reign of terror” had the expected effect. “As retribution and for the safety of society, only life imprisonment suffices,” the court ruled.

Creating a super cartel with the Italian and Irish Mafia

Taghi ran an extremely violent drug trafficking group in the Netherlands. He formed a pact with Camorra drug boss Raffaele Imperiale, Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan, and several others to create, what authorities described as a, super cartel.

Despite all the success on the business front, the violence caught up with Taghi. After ordering several gangland slayings – one more brazen than the next – Dutch police placed Taghi on its most wanted criminals list in March of 2018.

He fled to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and continued to run his organization via encrypted text messaging services, coordinating his drug trafficking routes and ordering more hits.

In December of 2019, authorities in Dubai arrested Taghi and he was put on a plane to the Netherlands. Though there have been rumors about him trying to organize a prison break, it looks like authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the convicted kingpin. He is locked up in the Netherlands’ most secure prison. His reign of terror seems to have come to an end.

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