Living in a KavKaz Nation - Profile of New York crime boss Roman Nikoghosyan

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

New York crime boss Roman Nikoghosyan is part of the latest generation of Eastern European gangsters. He runs his KavKaz Nation gang with brash and flash. And lots of violence and intimidation. His word is final. Even his own mother knows that much.

Kavkaz Nation operates in southern Brooklyn, in Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, and is involved in drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, and whatever crime makes a buck. The gang is said to have ties to Armenia, Uzbekistan and parts of Russia.

Authorities love a good Russian Mafia angle and this bunch checked several of the boxes. So, an investigation into the gang’s activities began, wiretaps and all. It turned up some interesting soundbites. Like when Nikoghosyan was caught on wiretap while he could be heard giving someone a beating.

“You’re gonna die now, n—,“ he told his victim, while audibly out of breath. “You’ll suck d—k I’m gonna f—k you.”


You've got a friend in me

He’s not all bad, though. He is always willing to help out a friend in need.

When fellow KavKaz Nation member David Mordukhaev escaped from Vernon C. Bain Correctional Facility, a jail barge near Rikers Island, on July 10, 2021, Nikoghosyan was ready to offer him a safe haven.

At his mother’s place.

Nikoghosyan’s mother wasn’t eager to take in her son’s gangster buddy while he was on the run from the cops. She told him her building had cameras. “It doesn’t matter, he will hold his head down,” he told her.

Mordukhaev never made it to her house and was eventually arrested. He was sentenced to almost 2 years as a result of his prison break.

The big man himself, Nikoghosyan, is facing legal troubles of his own as a result of the investigation into his gang. The 32-year-old gang boss was arrested in Los Angeles, California, on July 20, 2021, on extortion charges.

Hit with charges

In early 2021, Nikoghosyan was operating a drug racket in which he employed one of his debtors to transport packages containing marijuana. When the man discovered what was in the packages, he refused to continue. This angered Nikoghosyan, who then demanded $10,000 from the victim, threatening to stab him or break his legs if he did not comply, according to prosecutors.

Nikoghosyan and his crew also plotted to transport luxury vehicles acquired by fraud from California to New York.

Authorities also discovered a Hi-point 995 rifle during the execution of a search warrant on July 20, 2021 at a stash house in Brooklyn that was allegedly used by Nikoghosyan. During that search, law enforcement also recovered ammunition and a quantity of marijuana. Having been convicted of a felony in a previous case, Nikoghosyan was now also charged with possessing a firearm.

If found guilty, he faces two decades in the slammer.

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