Juarez Cartel boss pleads guilty in marijuana plot

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A Juarez Cartel boss admitted his role in a drug plot last week. 41-year-old Carlos “El 80” Arturo Quintana, the leader of La Linea, which also has been called the New Juárez Drug Cartel, was extradited to the United States in August of 2022 and pled guilty on January 18 to conspiracy to distribute 100 kilograms and more of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of marijuana, intending and knowing that said controlled substance would be unlawfully imported into the United States. He will remain in custody pending sentencing, which has not been scheduled.

The Juarez Cartel

A federal grand jury issued a third superseding indictment against Quintana and 10 co-conspirators on July 23, 2015. According to court records, in March of 2011, a confidential informant (CI) and another individual ordered 600 kilograms of marijuana from Elmy Hermosillo Trujillo. Trujillo was known to be the person who arranged all bulk purchases of marijuana for the Juarez Cartel, which is responsible for disseminating multi-ton loads of cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs throughout the United States each year.

The Juarez Cartel is one of the oldest and most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico. Since its beginnings, the cartel has focused on drug trafficking, but has expanded into other criminal activities such as human trafficking, arms trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and large-scale commercial gasoline theft from the Mexican government.

Tracking the marijuana & getting into a shootout

12365334894?profile=RESIZE_400xOn March 19, 2011, the CI and the other individual, as well as other coconspirators, met with Quintana in Gomez Farias, Chihuahua, Mexico. Quintana (right) arrived wearing a police uniform, driving a marked police vehicle, and was accompanied by other uniformed officers. He had bought several local police departments in order to conduct his business without any interference. Well, not just that, he had gotten them so far as to help out in his drug business.

Quintana and the other officers delivered the 600 kilograms of marijuana in a dump truck. The CI and the other individual then placed a GPS tracking device with the marijuana.

According to data being transmitted from the GPS tracker, a week later, the marijuana was located at a drug storage house in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Mexican law enforcement authorities searched the house at that location. A shootout broke out which left one subject dead and resulted in the arrest of three co-conspirators and the escape of others. The marijuana, as well as several firearms, radios, and cell phones were seized at that time.

In his plea agreement, Quintana admitted that from Feb. 2011 to March 2011, he was involved in a conspiracy with others to distribute 600 kilograms of marijuana in the Republic of Mexico and knew the marijuana would be unlawfully imported into the United States. At sentencing, he faces not less than five years nor more than 40 years in prison.

Raul Corella-Hernandez, Marco Antonio Guzman-Zuniga, Elmy Hermosillo Trujillo, Jorge Olivas Nevarez, Jorge Adrian Ortega-Gallegos, and Guadalupe A Prieto remain fugitives in this case.

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