Grim Reapers bikers sentenced for meth trafficking in Indiana

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The last of fifteen members of a large-scale methamphetamine distribution conspiracy based in Evansville, Indiana, was sentenced last week. The case revolved around members and associates of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club.

31-year-old Central Holman, IV, of Owensboro, Kentucky, was the main source of meth for the conspiracy, while 42-year-old Gary Forston and  45-year-old Jason Kyle Wilson, both of Evansville, served as leaders in it, controlling mid and low-level distributors.


The investigation began in 2019 when law enforcement officers arrested Wilson for the armed dealing of methamphetamine in Evansville, Indiana. The DEA and ATF found that Holman first began distributing methamphetamine to Jason Wilson and Clarence Grubbs in late 2018 or early 2019. Holman resided in Owensboro, Kentucky, and often met members of the conspiracy there or in Evansville to distribute the methamphetamine. Holman distributed approximately 30 pounds of methamphetamine to members of the conspiracy in 2019 and at least 50 pounds in 2018.

Once they acquired the drug, Forston and Wilson distributed the methamphetamine to mid-level distributors, Adam Lafferty, Shane Lewis, James Benton, Brian Eden, Paul Overby, Kimberly Wilson, Jesse Wilson, Matthew Meredith, Clarence Grubbs, Daniel Wiscaver and April Martin.

37-year-old Jesse Wilson was the last to be sentenced last week. He received a term of 8 years in federal prison for his part in the conspiracy.

Grim Reapers clubhouse

Among the locations used to distribute and receive money for the substances was The Grim Reapers Motorcycle Clubhouse located on East Diamond Avenue in Evansville. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is currently in litigation to seeking to forfeit the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Clubhouse as the proceeds and instrumentality of criminal conduct.

Law enforcement officers seized over 20 firearms and over $10,000 in U.S. currency during the course of the investigation. The Grim Reapers club was responsible for over 80 pounds of methamphetamine distributed in the Southern District of Indiana.

As of February 22, all 15 defendants have been sentenced as follows:

  1. Central Holman IV: 21 years
  2. Gary Wayne Forston: 16 years
  3. Jason Kyle Wilson: 18 years
  4. Adam Lafferty: 10 years
  5. Shane Lewis: 12.5 years
  6. James Benton: 5 years
  7. Brian Eden: 12.5 years
  8. Paul Overby: 15 years
  9. Kimberly Wilson: 7.25 years
  10. Jesse Wilson: 8 years
  11. Matthew Meredith: 11 years
  12. Clarence Grubbs: 16 years
  13. Daniel Wiscaver: Time served
  14. April Martin: 3 years’ imprisonment
  15. Derek Sander: Time served


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