Gangster or Rapper? Houston’s The Breadman learns he can’t be both - “He played the game and lost”

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

In the world of gangsta rap it helps to have a bit of street credibility. But “keeping it real” tends to be a double edged sword. It attracts both fans and members of law enforcement. One will get you rich, the other will get you locked up. Houston rapper “The Breadman” found that out this week.

10826442055?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Breadman’s real name is Jermaine West (right). He’s part of the Hood Kat Music Group rap studio based in southeast Houston. When he wasn’t recording tracks, authorities suspected West was running a drug trafficking ring.

They began investigating him in 2019 after receiving information regarding drug trafficking as well as West’s known position as an influential gang member in southeast Houston.

After being hit with drug charges, West pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and distributing meth, cocaine and opioids on April 6.

“He played the game and lost”

On Monday, September 19, West was sentenced to over 23 years in federal prison.

At his sentencing hearing, the court heard additional argument that West had engaged in gang activity beyond his drug trafficking. In handing down the sentence, the judge noted that West “destroyed people’s lives.”

The court further noted that “for 20 years [West] played a dangerous game,” and that he had “played the game and lost.”

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