Gangster Disciples hitman and regional chief enforcer convicted of several stone-cold murders

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An enforcer for the Gangster Disciples operating in Tennessee was convicted Wednesday of racketeering charges, including murder and other violent crimes. 35-year-old Brandon Durell Hardison, who goes by the nicknames “Creep” and “Creeper da Reeper,” was one of the group’s premier hitman.

Hardison was a member of a Gangster Disciples set called the “Clarksville deck,” and committed various crimes on behalf of the gang, including shootings, attempted murders, and murders. According to prosecutors, “Hardison conspired to participate in the affairs of the Gangster Disciples, a violent criminal gang founded in Chicago and now active in numerous states across the United States, including Tennessee.”

They describe the Gangster Disciples as “a highly organized enterprise, operating under the national leadership of a corporate board-style group that was responsible for gang decisions at a national level, and the state and regional leadership of “governors” and other subordinate gang members, who were responsible for the gang’s activities in specific geographic regions.”

9773340474?profile=RESIZE_400xBecoming a regional chief enforcer

To reach such a dominant position in the underworld, an organization needs muscle and firepower. Hardison provided it in plenty. On January 6, 2012, he murdered a Gangster Disciples’ associate for failing to repay a drug debt. He then shot and killed the man’s girlfriend, who was a witness to the murder, to prevent her from talking to law enforcement. He then enlisted other Gangster Disciples members to dispose of the murder weapon.

Following these murders, Hardison was rewarded with a promotion. He was made a regional chief enforcer and a member of their notorious hitman group called the “Blackout Squad.”

Hardison and several other gang members also plotted to assault members of a rival  gang. On September 26, 2012, he participated in a shooting of residence belonging to a member of the Bloods gang in Clarksville, Tennessee. Additionally, on November 3, 2012, Hardison and other gangsters shot and killed a member of the Bloods gang inside a nightclub in Clarksville, Tennessee.


These killings weren’t committed just for the sake of it. They were to protect the criminal enterprise and expand its lucrative illicit activities, such as drug trafficking. Hardison is the last of 12 defendants indicted by a grand jury in this investigation against the Gangster Disciples. Five Gangster Disciples were previously convicted after trial in April 2019, of RICO conspiracy, drug trafficking, and other offenses. Six other members had previously pleaded guilty.

Hardison faces life in prison for his deadly crimes.

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