Former President Donald Trump is all smiles as he poses for picture with New York Mafia snitch

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

The floodgates have opened. Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer released a photograph of former President Donald Trump posing with ex-Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Merlino. Now, another photo of Trump with a rather notorious crime figure has resurfaced.

This time, Trump is all smiles as and gives a thumbs up as he stands next to Gambino crime family associate-turned-snitch John Alite. The two men standing together raise many of the same questions we asked when we saw former Mafia boss Joey Merlino standing next to Trump. Especially regarding national security.

It also adds another one: Would Trump still raise his thumb and flash a smile if he knew Alite was a rat? A person who “flipped”. Something that Trump himself admitted he absolutely hates.

Hell, who knows. Trump takes pictures with anyone who wants to. He craves the attention and can’t get enough. The photo with Alite was posted on Alite’s personal Facebook page in November of 2022. Between then and the Merlino pic, Trump was probably surrounded by at least one other mobster, a dozen Russian and Chinese spies, and perhaps a serial killer?

All we can say is: Stay tuned.

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  • David (Soy Boy) Amoruso furious that Trump takes pics with his admirers. So David is fine with Biden ogling children videos all over YouTube ? I guess he would have to be, since he supports liberals grooming children to be gay, giving them puberty blockers without their parents knowledge, telling them the world is ending cause of climate change, teaching them that all white people are racists. I wish David could write about the mafia and stop the leftist virtue signalling. We get it David, you hate your country and want to burn it down. Tell us about Bonanno, Profaci, Gagliano, that’s why we’re here.
    • Hi Bob,
      First off: Calm down.
      Second: Take that hissy fit conspiracy bullshit somewhere else.
      Thank you.
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