Colombia’s cocaine crop breaks record, says UN

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About that War on Drugs? How’s that going? Well, depends on your viewpoint. Farmers of coca plants – the prime ingredient in cocaine – in Colombia had a record breaking year! Cultivation of the plants increased with a stunning 43 percent, according to a new report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Already known as the world’s largest cocaine producer, Colombia saw its possible output rise 14% to 1,400 metric tons. The area of coca cultivation expanded last year to 204,000 hectares (504,100 acres). It is the highest figure since UNODC began measuring in 2001.

Colombia has long been under pressure by the United States, the country that is the largest drug consumer, to stem the production and flow of cocaine. So far with little genuine success.

It has led to Colombian President Gustavo Petro calling the War on Drugs irrational and a failure.

While there are sad faces on that side of the battle field, drug traffickers, farmers, and junkies are all smiles as they see their beloved product flow like never before. Perhaps this “war” needs to fought in a different way?

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