Bronx gang boss gets 21 years in prison for ordering 2009 murder

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Gang boss Steven “BI” Brown was sentenced to over 21 years in prison on Wednesday for participating in the August 2, 2009, murder of Derrick Moore in the Bronx. The 42-year-old had pleaded guilty and had already been handed a 9-year sentence for drug crimes.

As leader of the Taylor Avenue Crew, Brown wielded significant power. The Taylor Avenue Crew operated principally in and around the Bronx from at least 2007 until 2015. Its members sold cocaine base, commonly known as “crack cocaine,” primarily in and around Taylor Avenue in the Bronx.

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They protected their territory by prohibiting and preventing non-members, outsiders, and rival narcotics dealers from distributing crack cocaine in the area. If anyone took a step in the wrong direction, gang members reacted with violence. Sometimes this turned deadly.

Alliance with the Creston Avenue Crew

Despite the underworld being a treacherous place, one needs allies. Members and associates of the Taylor Avenue Crew also allied themselves with crews from nearby areas of the Bronx. One such crew included the Creston Avenue Crew, that also operated in and around the Bronx, New York. Its members sold cocaine and marijuana primarily in and around Creston Avenue in the Bronx.

Members of the Taylor and Creston Avenue Crews associated with each other and assisted each other by, among other things, carrying out acts of violence on each other’s behalf upon request by the leaders of the respective crews.


One such act of violence was the murder of 22-year-old Derrick Moore. In August 2009, after escalating violence between the Taylor Avenue Crew and a rival crew, Brown, who was the head of the Taylor Avenue Crew, ordered the murder of Moore. To carry out the murder, he requested the assistance of the Creston Avenue Crew, whose members then shot and killed Moore.

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