Being a secretary for the Mexican Mafia: Not a typical nine to five job

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

The job of a secretary is anything but frightening or adventurous. Making appointments, administrative duties, all while working from nine to five under a boss is usually monotonous and generally looked down upon. So imagine being a secretary for the Mexican Mafia.

Yeah, that’s right. Being a secretary for La Eme, which the Mexican Mafia is also known by, means that all of the above is flipped upside down. Sure, you still work under a boss, but no one dares to look down on you, hell, they won’t even look sideways at you! And the job is anything but monotonous.

Ask Marquella Marshall and Marsha Delacruz. According to court records, 41-year-old Marshall, a Texas resident who previously lived in San Diego, is an Eastside San Diego street gang member and a “facilitator” and “secretary” for the Mexican Mafia.

47-year-old Delacruz, of Lemon Grove, who also is an Eastside San Diego street gang member, worked at the direction of Marshall.

Money laundering, drug trafficking, sending messages from shot callers

Marshall was tasked by high-ranking Mexican Mafia members to communicate on their behalf, collect and launder money, handle drug transactions, and direct street operations on the Mexican Mafia’s behalf. The Mexican Mafia is one of America's most powerful prison gangs. Founded in the California prison system it eventually became such a powerhouse that it was able to flex its muscles on the streets. It placed a tax on California gangs. Those who refused to pay were dealt with on the streets or behind bars. And in the end, most will end up behind bars. It was win-win for La Eme.

Marshall and Delacruz mailed methamphetamine to various locations, including jails and prisons in Southern California. They disguised some of the narcotics-laden packages as legal mail to avoid detection by law enforcement and prison/jail officials.

A pretty exiting job – for a secretary! Of course, the downside to being a secretary for the Mexican Mafia is that law enforcement tends to frown upon your business. Worse, they tend to arrest and charge you and send you down to a similar facility as the one housing your bosses.

Marshall and Delacruz fared no better. They were apprehended together with several other Mexican Mafia associates after an investigation by the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force - Gang Group.

“An assault on the integrity of the prison system”

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, they were sentenced in federal court to 15 years and 4 years in prison, respectively, for their parts in a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy that operated in San Diego jails.

At the hearing, U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns described Marshall as “a conduit” for the Mexican Mafia and further described the distribution conspiracy as “an assault on the integrity of the prison system.”

Perhaps she can take better care of the integrity of the prison system from behind bars?

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